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Foundational & Advanced Certifications

The progressive course model offers a staged, two-year journey that allows participants to choose an educational track that improves core Scrum knowledge, builds skill sets, and provides the necessary tools to evolve as an Agile practitioner, from Scrum foundations to advanced practice.


Becoming a Certified ScrumMaster® begins your journey to CSP®-SM and offers you the opportunity to further transform yourself as a ScrumMaster, and in the process, to drive the progress and knowledge of your Scrum Team. While you attain your certification, you’ll find expanded course content throughout the progressive CSM course track.

Takeaways from course

  • Foundational knowledge
  • Scrum roles and responsibilities
  • Scrum meetings
  • Scrum artifacts

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Download the 2018 CSM Learning Objectives
Download the 2018 Scrum Foundations Learning Objectives


Advanced CSM®

Once your foundational learning in CSM® is complete and initial certification is achieved, you’ll spend a year of supplemental learning and professional practice. You will then continue to Advanced Certified ScrumMaster™ (A-CSM™), acquiring tools and knowledge in: the principles of Agile facilitation and coaching fundamentals; Scrum mastery and personal development; and servant leadership.

Takeaways from course

  • Agile and Lean values, principles, and worldview
  • Service to the Development Team
  • Self-organization, team dynamics, and Definition of "Done"
  • Empirical process control
  • Service and coaching to the Product Owner

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Download the Advanced CSM Learning Objectives


Upon attaining A-CSM, you’ll use the following year to strengthen your Agile skillsets and learning with educational opportunities and professional practice. At the completion of this period, you’ll be ready to complete the journey to CSP®-SM with course topics in advanced Lean thinking; team dynamics and effectiveness; understanding yourself; and analyzing your mastery and fulfillment of the Five Scrum Values.

Takeaways from course

  • Agile facilitation and coaching
  • Conflict resolution
  • Starting new Agile teams
  • Organizational development
  • Scaling

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Download the CSP-SM Learning Objectives


The Certified Scrum Product Owner® path to CSP®-PO gives you expanded, marketable career opportunities across all industry sectors. Our progressive CSPO certification educational offerings are carefully curated to produce excellent Product Owners who can maximize the value of the product work and delight the customer.

Takeaways from course

  • Scrum flow, framework, and vocabulary
  • The Product Owner role in detail
  • Creating product vision
  • Understanding release management goals

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Download the 2018 CSPO Learning Objectives
Download the 2018 Scrum Foundations Learning Objectives

Advanced CSPO®

After your foundational CSPO® learning and a year of learning and professional practice, your journey continues in Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO), which also includes targeted coursework in facilitating roadmapping, product discovery, improving and managing the product backlog, product management, and more.

Takeaways from course

  • Working with stakeholders and users
  • Managing stakeholders and facilitating stakeholder discussion
  • Liftoff/Agile chartering
  • Product discovery/advanced product backlog management and item formulation
  • Value of engineering practices and technical debt

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Download the Advanced CSPO Learning Objectives


Spend the next 12 months applying your learning with your own Agile practice, then take the final step to CSP®-PO certification, where you’ll solidify your education in topics such as: advanced stakeholder discussion; funding and financing; customer development; product launches; and, advanced product discovery.

Takeaways from course

  • Economics of product development
  • Starting multiple new Agile teams
  • Backlog ordering and roadmapping at scale
  • Collaboration frameworks
  • Entrepreneurship in an Agile context

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The Certified Scrum Developer® path to CSP®-D gives you expanded, marketable career opportunities across all industry sectors. The Certified Scrum Developer course is designed for software developers (programmers) who are building software in a Scrum environment.

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Planned Programming
Planned Programming
Elevated Certifications

Guide Level Certifications

Guide Level certifications are designed to authorize well-qualified coaches and trainers as educators and mentors in the Scrum framework. These are Scrum and Agile practitioners whose demonstrated ability and applied knowledge have been certified to be essential in the instruction of foundational CSM® and CSPO® candidates, small Scrum Team groups within an organization, or entire companies in the midst of an Agile transformation.


As a Certified Scrum Trainer, you’ll help others understand the principles and values that form the foundation of Scrum. And you'll grow as an individual and professional as you find creative ways to help organizations, and your peers adopt this Agile framework and capitalize on its benefits.


Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coaches℠ (CECs) are Scrum experts in both theory and practice. They have in-depth understanding of the practices and principles of Scrum and real-world experience in actual Scrum organizations. As a CEC, you will help companies navigate the difficult process of becoming an Agile organization.


A Certified Team Coach works with Scrum teams, stakeholders, and management to improve performance and outcomes. Unlike a ScrumMaster®, a Certified Team Coach works across multiple teams. And unlike a Certified Enterprise Coach, a Certified Team Coach focuses on a subset of an organization in a project or program, or across multiple teams.

Certified Agile Leadership Certifications

Agile leaders seek to enhance their workplaces with a culture of agility with Agile values, practices, and metrics. The Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) program includes introductory education to bring awareness of the focus and journey of the Agile leader, as well as an advanced path of validated learning and practice for the leader to continue the learning journey.


The goal of CAL I is to raise awareness in the minds of participants as to the benefits, mindset, skills, and characteristics of an Agile leader.

  • The context for Agile
  • Agile overview
  • Leadership in an Agile context
  • The Agile organization
  • Agile approaches to change
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The goal of CAL II is to guide leaders in deepening, applying, and sharing knowledge. CAL II focuses on three categories defined in CAL I via advanced education, validated practice, and participation in a peer workshop:

  • Leadership in an Agile context
  • The Agile organization
  • Agile approaches to change
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Certifications in Scrum
What's Your Journey?

Scrum training and certification fulfill the vision of the Agile Manifesto by fostering greater collaboration, productivity, and success among team members. This global movement transforms organizations and takes them to higher levels of performance. This educational model provides more meaningful training that helps people stay current with best practices. Further, as part of the Scrum Alliance® community, members interact with their peers and continuously develop their capabilities.