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Certified Scrum Professional® ScrumMaster

Become a top-tier scrum master who launches new scrum teams, scales scrum across teams and organizations, and coaches all levels of an organization to be more agile. The Certified Scrum Professional-ScrumMaster (CSP®-SM) prepares you to have far-reaching impacts in your role.

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Top-Level Scrum Mastery

What you'll learn

The CSP-SM certification marks a pivotal step in your career, deepening your expertise and broadening your impact within your organization. The highest level of the Scrum Alliance scrum master track, the CSP-SM will equip you with a comprehensive set of skills and strategies for overcoming complex challenges in scrum environments. 

Explore the key areas of learning:

  • Understand the origins and core concepts of Lean Thinking
  • Develop advanced skills in facilitation and coaching
  • Enhance team dynamics, plan the launch of new scrum teams, and strategize to fill skill gaps
  • Master techniques for developing product goals and backlogs, and learn how to manage complex or multi-team backlogs
  • Learn systemic approaches for scrum adoption, address organizational impediments, and evaluate the benefits of the latest scrum definition
  • Develop a personal strategy for scrum mastery and gain experience in mentoring
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Course overview

The CSP-SM course is a big step in the journey for those committed to continuous improvement in scrum practice. As a CSP-SM, you will develop a deeper understanding of:

  • Lean principles and their connection to scrum
  • Launching new scrum teams
  • Facilitation, coaching, and training
  • Scaling scrum across more than one team
  • Supporting organizational adoption of scrum
  • Supporting and guiding the product owner

When you earn the CSP-SM, it shows you have demonstrated experience, documented training, and proven knowledge in scrum.

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Earning the CSP-SM certification connects you with a community of dedicated practitioners. This globally recognized credential attests to your expertise and is a stepping stone to further career growth and opportunities. 

Here are some of the key benefits of becoming a CSP-SM:

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What’s your next step?

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To pursue CSP-SM, you must meet specific requirements to vouch for your readiness and commitment to a high level of proficiency. Below are the key prerequisites and steps you need to fulfill:

  • Hold an Advanced Certified ScrumMaster certification from Scrum Alliance (your A-CSM can be active or expired. It will renew automatically, along with your CSM, when you earn the CSP-SM)
  • Successfully complete all components of the course. This may include pre- or post-course work as deemed necessary by your trainer to complete the learning objectives
  • Accept the CSP-SM License Agreement and complete your Scrum Alliance membership profile
  • Validate at least 24 months of work experience specific to the accountability of a scrum master from within the past five years
  • Maintain your CSP-SM by earning Scrum Education Units and renewing your certification every two years

NOTE: You can enroll in the CSP-SM course once you have completed your A-CSM certification. However, to be eligible for the CSP-SM certification, you must also have a minimum of 24 months of scrum master experience recorded in your Scrum Alliance profile. You can take the course without the 24 months of experience, but you cannot get the certification until you have completed and recorded the 24 months of experience.

Certifications with substance

Choosing Scrum Alliance means you will earn a certification badge that is recognized by employers and recruiters globally.

Established in 2001, Scrum Alliance provides certifications with substance: Once you earn the badge, the renewal requirements include proof that you've continued to grow your knowledge—by reading books, watching webinars, attending events, etc.

Earn Scrum Education Units with every learning opportunity you complete. SEUs are required for certification renewal every two years. Instead of a one-and-done lifetime certification, you'll have a badge that proves to employers your commitment to continuously growing, evolving, and expanding what you know.

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Testimonials from our members

Engaging and unique course format

The course was very interesting and insightful. I liked the self-learning method as it gives me the most flexibility to learn at my pace. I enjoyed the coaching circle session and the interactions with like-minded people around the world.

–CSP-SM student
Highly applicable learnings

I have so many aha moments, takeaways, and new skills that will help me in my current and future roles.

–CSP-SM student
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Frequently asked questions

A Certified Scrum Professional - ScrumMaster is a certification. Most CSP-SMs leverage this certification in their job roles as scrum masters. Someone at this level of experience and proficiency may take this course to learn how they can influence organizational scrum implementation.

You can take the course and get the skills if you have completed the Advanced Certified ScrumMaster course. Doing so means you can apply these advanced skills at work right away; however, you must complete and record 24 months of valid work experience before you can receive the certification from the course.

Please see the CSP-SM learning objectives for a complete list of what will be covered. When you browse individual CSP-SM courses offered by our training partners in course search, you will see that each trainer creates a unique experience in addition to the common learning objectives. Click "More Details" on a course listing to learn more about that class and trainer.

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