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Inspire and educate agilists in your local area by hosting a Regional Scrum Gathering. These Scrum Alliance-sponsored events bring together professionals from diverse industries to learn, network, and connect on all things agility. Expand the impact of agility in partnership with Scrum Alliance!
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Why host a Regional Scrum Gathering?

Do you want to bring leading agile thinkers to your community? Scrum Alliance can help. Driven by you with our sponsorship, you can host a Scrum Gathering that inspires attendees and provides a space for networking, ideation, and celebration.

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Who can host?

Anyone can apply to host a Regional Scrum Gathering, but there are a few things Scrum Alliance takes into account when evaluating applications, including:

Organizers must be in good standing with Scrum Alliance
Organizers must have experience planning scrum and/or agile events
Demonstrated demand for scrum and agile training in the region
Organizers have attended a Global or Regional Scrum Gathering, and/or an Agile Coaching Retreat
Involvement of a Certified Scrum Trainer or Certified Enterprise/Team Coach in the organizing team
Must be prepared to drive all aspects of the event including logistics, budgeting, and marketing

How it works

Submit your proposal to host a Regional Scrum Gathering. Scrum Alliance will review your application to make sure it meets our standards and criteria.

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Plan your event

You'll need to provide information about the event's location, dates, format, and budget.

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Apply to host

In the application, you'll need to tell us about your organizing team, your event's logistics, and your goals for hosting a regional gathering.

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Wait for notification

We'll let you know your sponsorship amount and send a formal agreement if we've selected your event.

Brand Guide for Scrum Alliance partners

Adhering to these guidelines in the marketing content for your regional event strengthens our brand and yours. By taking the time to make sure the Scrum Alliance brand is represented accurately, you align with our global community and strengthen your position as a Scrum Alliance-approved partner.

See the guide

Frequently asked questions

You should host a Regional Scrum Gathering to connect people in your region with an inspiring, skill-boosting agile conference while also aligning yourself, your business, or your brand with the Scrum Alliance brand. If you are passionate about the agile community and want to bring an inspiring event to your region, this is a fantastic opportunity.

Regional Scrum Gatherings should be hosted by passionate agilists with experience in planning agile events. Organizers should be part of the Scrum Alliance community.

Hosts should be prepared to drive all aspects of the event, including logistics, budgeting, and marketing. Scrum Alliance with financial support and additional marketing.

Regional Scrum Gatherings should meet the unique needs of your regional agile community! Regional Scrum Gatherings take place over one to three days and usually include keynote sessions, educational sessions on various agile topics, networking, socializing, and more.

These events can be held in person, virtually, or hybrid. While we do sponsor virtual events, Scrum Alliance is interested in sponsoring in-person or hybrid events in 2025.

Scrum Alliance is committed to promoting scrum and agile practices across the globe and we're interested in hosting Regional Scrum Gatherings anywhere there is demand. We encourage you to apply to host a Regional in a location where there's never been one before or a location that has held successful gatherings in the past.

Applications to host Regional Scrum Gatherings in 2025 will be open in two waves. The priority application period will be May to August 2024, with selection notifications sent in September. An additional application period will be open from August to October 2024, with notifications sent in November.

Eligibility to host a regional gathering is based on multiple factors. To ensure your application is strong, please provide as much information as possible about your region's agile community and proposed event. Ultimately, we'll be searching for Regional Scrum Gatherings that will support a passionate agile community and allow Scrum Alliance sponsorship to be as impactful as possible.

Scrum Alliance's sponsorship of Regional Scrum Gatherings includes financial and some marketing support. The sponsorship amount will depend on information in your proposal, such as the proposed cost and attendance goals. We will provide marketing collateral, a select number of promotional posts and emails, and additional funding for merchandise. The full sponsorship package will be outlined in a formal agreement.

As the organizer, you will drive the event, including marketing, budgeting, and logistics.

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Ready to apply?

Regional Scrum Gatherings are an incredible opportunity to build on the passion for agility in your region with the support and reach of Scrum Alliance. Reach more people and garner attendees with our marketing support and sponsorship.

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