Agile Leadership Certifications

Get the leadership skills needed to ensure your organization is keeping pace with the speed of change in modern markets. The Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leader® courses are designed to bring out the leader in everyone, regardless of role or industry.

Certified Agile Leader track

Certified Agile Leader® 1

Prerequisite: None

Certified Agile Leader® 2

Prerequisite: CAL 1

Job function

Is agile leadership right for your role?

Today's organizations demand agile leadership skills. Employers are looking for individuals in all roles and at any level who can influence and proactively drive forward agile programs. Read on for some of the specific roles prioritizing agile leadership skills.

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Individual Contributors

Develop leadership capabilities that allow you to influence agility at any organization and in any team.

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Agile Team Leaders

Learn how you can empower teams to own results and create innovative solutions.

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Mid-Level Managers

Influence organizational agility and develop high-performing, adaptable teams.

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Executive Leaders

Drive lasting success and reach organizational goals as an agile leader.

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Aspiring Leaders

Understand the impact of agile leadership on dynamic, complex business environments.

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Scrum Masters & Product Owners

Hone your leadership competencies to better support the scrum team and influence agility at your organization.

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Agile Coaches and Consultants

Foster your own leadership skills to better support organizations through their transformations.

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Scrum Team Members

Understand how anyone within a company can make a difference by understanding and practicing agile leadership.

Agile skills, including leadership and other competencies, can support your ability to make an impact in virtually any role and in any industry. Advance your career with agile skills, today.

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What will I learn?

Understand how leadership supports adaptability and innovation, from teams to culture, policies, structure, and strategy. Leverage what you learn to be a better leader in any job role.

How (and why) agile leadership can improve time to market, customer value, and responsiveness
Understand how to influence enterprise culture, structure, and design.
Leverage frameworks to become a more effective leader for your teams and organization.
Discover why leadership tailored to agile businesses is essential to delivering end-to-end customer value.
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Certification process

The path to certification

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Find a course

Search CAL courses provided by Scrum Alliance-certified trainers in countries across the globe. 

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Attend the training

Attend your in-person or live online course. Read the Course Details in Course Search to find out what to expect.

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Earn your certification

Complete all course requirements to receive the Certified Agile Leader from Scrum Alliance. Add the digital badge to your professional profiles.

Certified Agile Leader training track

Learn leadership capabilities to empower agility

Certified Agile Leader 1

Prerequisite: None

Understand the case for agile leadership at today's organizations.
Leverage leadership models to drive your development.
Learn how agile leadership supports high-performing teams that deliver more value.
Certified Agile Leader 2

Prerequisite: CAL 1

Understand how mission, vision, and values affect organizational performance.
Strengthen your ability in specific leadership competencies.
Learn how organizational strategy, structure, and design impact agility.
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Frequently asked questions

Agile leaders sustain innovative organizations by supporting teams capable of solving complex problems. By embodying agile values, they foster workplace cultures that adapt to fast-paced, constantly changing environments.

There are many certification courses that train you in agile leadership skills and competencies. The Certified Agile Leader track at Scrum Alliance provides you with the knowledge and tools to leverage agile leadership in any role, at any organization.

Stand out from the job competition with a CAL certification from Scrum Alliance. You'll receive a digital badge and a two-year professional membership with Scrum Alliance.

CAL 1 is a prerequisite for CAL 2, so you must earn CAL 1 first.

Scrum Alliance certifications are active for two years before they must be renewed. You can renew your certification by earning another certification, or by submitting Scrum Education Units and the renewal fee.

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