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Certified Agile Leader® 1 (CAL 1™)


Change is constant. To thrive, businesses need leaders who are prepared to deliver results in the face of this uncertainty. Become an extraordinary leader by sustaining adaptive work environments and shaping cultures that support flourishing, innovative teams. You'll drive better ROI, mitigate risks, and stay ahead of the competition.

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Agile Leadership

What you'll learn

Learn to lead agile teams and organizations by embracing agile leadership concepts and leveraging agility to drive sustainable improvement in any business. 

In CAL 1, you can expect to learn:

  • What makes an agile leader agile
  • Why agile leadership matters and when it matters most
  • How to lead change management and transformation
  • Agile principles applied to any business context
  • Frameworks and tools for growing as a leader
  • Leadership models to grow as a leader
  • Tools for fostering growth in your team members
  • How to build high-performing, cross-functional teams
  • How to increase the effectiveness and agility of teams and organizations
  • Why and how organizational culture impacts team effectiveness

In CAL 1, you'll shift the way you think about organizational culture and employees to recognize their full potential in your agile enterprise.

See the CAL 1 Learning Objectives.

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Course overview

CAL 1 is a Scrum Alliance certification course for anyone who wants to impact an organization's journey to resiliency and success. By leading with agile skills like collaboration, team empowerment, adaptability, and continuous improvement, you'll be prepared to mentor teams to create the best products, solve enterprise-level problems, and produce outcomes that directly affect your organization's ability to thrive.

Once you complete CAL 1, you'll earn a certification and badge to showcase your validated competency and commitment to agile leadership.

Take CAL 1 to:

  • Navigate rapidly changing environments
  • Explore the mindset shifts required to be an agile leader
  • Discover new agile leadership skills
  • Discover how to create and lead innovative, responsive teams
  • Support an organization's agile transformation

After completing CAL 1, you'll be equipped to positively influence organizational and team structures to thrive in an unpredictable and complex world. You'll also have a widely recognized certification to demonstrate your agile leadership capabilities.

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Benefits of CAL 1

Leaders today are striving to stay on top of rapidly changing business needs and must recognize rapid adaptation as critical to their success. You are now required to shift the way you think about your role as a leader, your relationship with your employees, and the culture of your organization. CAL 1 is a deep dive that will challenge you to expand your capabilities, your mindset, and your leadership toolkit.

CAL 1 is a master class in leadership that is designed for today's enterprises. With a live virtual or in-person format, CAL 1 provides the opportunity to connect with other people in leadership roles to grow and evolve your own knowledge. For those seeking to expand their leadership skills, develop and lead teams more effectively, and manage organizational change, this course provides the skills and guidance needed to do so.

This course is part of an advanced learning journey. Continue the journey in CAL 2 to equip yourself with the skills you need in order to have a big impact on your organization's success and your own leadership capabilities.

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Who should take Certified Agile Leader 1

CAL 1 is designed for:

  • Scrum masters
  • Leaders
  • Managers
  • Senior directors
  • C-suite executives
  • Coaches and consultants
  • Anyone who leads or wants to lead people

This course is right for professionals in any industry who want to expand their leadership skills, develop and lead teams effectively, and manage organizational change. It's a good match for anyone leading or participating in an agile transformation, or anyone who wants to grow into a leadership role with tools tailored to today's business challenges.

Certifications with substance

Choosing Scrum Alliance means you will earn a certification badge that is recognized by employers and recruiters globally.

Established in 2001, Scrum Alliance provides certifications with substance: Once you earn the badge, the renewal requirements include proof that you've continued to grow your knowledge—by reading books, watching webinars, attending events, etc.

Earn Scrum Education Units with every learning opportunity you complete. SEUs are required for certification renewal every two years. Instead of a one-and-done lifetime certification, you'll have a badge that proves to employers your commitment to continuously growing, evolving, and expanding what you know.

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Testimonials from our members

Understand complex concepts clearly

Great content, very well organized. The trainer explained detailed complex concepts in a simple way. Everybody could share their experiences and present topics for discussion.

–CAL student
Exceptional course experience

Exceeded my already high expectations. Thoughtfully structured content and good pacing! We were a class from a variety of different places and it was clear everyone wanted to be there.

–CAL student
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Certified Agile Leader courses, delivered by experienced agile trainers, prepare you to bring positive change to your organization.

Frequently asked questions

Some awareness of agility is recommended before taking the course. If you are unfamiliar with agile product management and its origins, we recommend reviewing the Agile Manifesto, the basis for agile ways of working.

Although this manifesto was created for software development, today, the principles and values of the manifesto are practiced by professionals spanning nearly all industries.

There aren't any prerequisites or requirements to take the Scrum Alliance CAL 1 certification course.

Use the Scrum Alliance course search and filter by "CAL 1" to see all of the current offerings. CAL Trainers operate as independent businesses with Scrum Alliance as the certifying body. Each trainer has been approved by Scrum Alliance to deliver the course. 

Click into individual course listings to learn more about the trainer, time, dates, cost, location, format (virtual or in-person), and other unique aspects of that listing. Choose the one that works best for your priorities! Successful completion of any of the CAL 1 courses results in the same globally recognized certification from Scrum Alliance.

CAL 1 is 16 hours of learning, with at least 14 hours of live instructor-led content. Most courses take place over two or three days, and some trainers may offer the course content over a different number of days.

Agile certifications set you apart in the job market. CAL 1 certification designates you as an agile leader with modern skills for modern workplace demands. Leverage your certification to demonstrate your dedication to competent leadership when you get into job interviews or salary negotiations. Every certification badge is an opportunity to discuss what you've learned with recruiters, employers, colleagues, and customers.

Recent research indicates that certifications may benefit salary and hiring decisions. According to the "Skills in the New World of Work" report, 55% of employers will pay more for people with relevant certifications.

We've refactored the leadership learning program into CAL 1. The former CAL Essentials, Teams, and Organizations have been restructured into the updated and enhanced CAL 1 and 2. Please visit the CAL FAQs to find out how this change may impact you if you hold any of the existing Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leader certificates or are currently enrolled in one of the courses.

Please contact Scrum Alliance Support if you have any questions.

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