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Global Scrum Gathering Munich 2025

The latest gathering featured insightful learning sessions presented by the best and brightest minds in agility. Next Global Scrum Gathering is in Munich, Germany on May 4-7, 2025. Registration opens November 5th.

What are Global Scrum Gatherings?

The Global Scrum Gathering is an annual conference hosted by Scrum Alliance in vibrant global destinations. Join agilists of all backgrounds and experience levels to learn, gain fresh perspectives, and get inspired. Plus, explore all that the local destination has to offer!

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Who should attend?

If you want to excel in today's competitive job market while connecting with a community of supportive professionals, then you belong at the Global Scrum Gathering. The insights you bring home from the gathering support you in any job role, and the community you plug into will provide you with fresh inspiration, support, and enthusiasm for the journey ahead of you.

These conferences are ideal for you if you want to:

Expand what's possible in your career
Connect with bright minds across diverse industries
Thrive in a business world where agile is the expected way of working

Get involved

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Interested in speaking?

Share your insights and experience with agile in action. This is your opportunity to shape the world of work by contributing your thought leadership. Call for papers will open on September 18th, 2024. Check out the agenda of speaking sessions from the most recent gathering for inspiration.

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Volunteer opportunities

Join the Program Advisory Team (PAT)! You’ll collaborate with Scrum Alliance to design the program for Global Scrum Gathering Munich. Represent our community and help bring a memorable event program to life. Apply by July 31, 2024.

Frequently asked questions

Prices vary, but early bird and group discounts are available. There's also a 10% discount for Scrum Alliance members!

Wondering if your employer will pay? Global Scrum Gatherings are often considered professional development. Speak to your employer about why investing in your attendance not only boosts your skills but also brings fresh insights and practices back to your team, enhancing your organization's overall productivity and agility.

The Global Gathering is an annual affair, with the dates and locations changing. Sign up for email updates to stay informed about our upcoming events.

Check back for the next gathering announcement soon!

Consider attending a Regional Scrum Gathering in your area. These smaller conferences feature the same great opportunities to learn and get inspired, hosted by experienced regional agilists.

Scrum Alliance members receive a 10% discount on the ticket price.

Scrum Alliance assists with your visa process by providing a fillable letter confirming your attendance at the Global Scrum Gathering. You can obtain this letter by visiting the event's website.

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  Upcoming Event

Stay tuned for the next call for speakers!

We'll be looking for speakers for the Global Scrum Gathering 2025 who can share their agile expertise and innovative practices and contribute to crafting an exceptional event experience. Check this page and your email for the next call for speakers. In the meantime, check out the previous gathering agenda.