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Certified Scrum Professional® Developer

Advance your career with the Certified Scrum Professional Developer (CSP®-D) certification, designed for scrum developers who want to pursue mastery in technical excellence and agile leadership. Unlock new career opportunities and become a key player in driving your organization’s success.

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CSP for Developers

What you'll learn

The CSP-D course is meticulously designed to empower scrum developers with a comprehensive understanding and mastery of advanced scrum practices. By enrolling in this course, you will enhance your technical skills and refine your leadership abilities within the agile framework. This course is structured to provide you with a holistic learning experience, equipping you with the tools to:

  • Cultivate a culture of technical excellence across multiple scrum teams
  • Catalyze the development of high-performing technology organizations
  • Facilitate environments that foster a shared understanding among stakeholders
  • Guide scrum teams in their journey of continuous learning and growth
  • Develop yourself as an agile leader, demonstrating leadership in the agile context
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Course overview

The CSP-D certification is an advanced level of recognition for scrum developers who have demonstrated a deep understanding of scrum and agile principles through their experience, training, and proven knowledge. As a CSP-D, you will have the skills to challenge your teams to enhance their utilization of scrum to build outstanding products that customers and stakeholders need. You'll drive the principles of technical excellence, high performance, and continuous improvement.

See the CSP-D Learning Objectives for complete course details.

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Choosing Scrum Alliance signifies your commitment to practical, job-relevant learning that directly enhances your professional capabilities. Our certifications are globally recognized, our trainers are highly vetted and experienced, and our certifications are not just a badge but a tool to help you be more effective at your job and enjoy your work more. 

By attaining the CSP-D certification, you not only gain recognition for your expertise but also:

  • Open doors to advanced career opportunities, promotions, and the potential for salary negotiations
  • Gain practical skills and knowledge that are immediately applicable
  • Receive a free premium subscription to Comparative Agility®, the largest agile assessment and continuous improvement platform globally
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CSP-D requirements

To qualify for the CSP-D certification, you must meet certain requirements that ensure you are prepared for the advanced concepts and leadership skills the course offers:

  • Hold an Advanced Certified Scrum Developer (A-CSD®) certification with Scrum Alliance (your A-CSD can be active or expired, and it will renew automatically when you earn the CSP-D)
  • Attend a CSP-D educational offering to learn techniques for enabling technical excellence and becoming an agile leader
  • Successfully complete all educator-designed components of an approved educational offering, including any necessary pre- or post-course work
  • Validate at least 24 months of work experience specific to the role of a scrum developer/team member within the past five years

Maintain your CSP-D by earning Scrum Education Units and renewing your certification every two years.

Certifications with substance

Choosing Scrum Alliance means you will earn a certification badge that is recognized by employers and recruiters globally.

Established in 2001, Scrum Alliance provides certifications with substance: Once you earn the badge, the renewal requirements include proof that you've continued to grow your knowledge—by reading books, watching webinars, attending events, etc.

Earn Scrum Education Units with every learning opportunity you complete. SEUs are required for certification renewal every two years. Instead of a one-and-done lifetime certification, you'll have a badge that proves to employers your commitment to continuously growing, evolving, and expanding what you know.

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Testimonials from our members

Widely applicable agile skills

I have so many aha moments, takeaways and new skills that will help me in my current and future roles.

–CSP student
Supportive and tailored training

Incredible content and support throughout the entire training. Detailed feedback in every activity tailored to the trainee needs.

–CSP student
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Achieve the highest level of scrum developer certification and complete a major milestone if you want to become a CSD trainer.

Frequently asked questions

The CSP-D is the highest level of certification within Scrum Alliance’s scrum developer track. It is designed for experienced developers who have demonstrated advanced knowledge, skills, and experience in scrum.

Please see the complete CSP-D Learning Objectives.

A CSP-D certification:

  • Provides you with leadership, collaboration, and advanced technical skills you can apply right away
  • Serves as evidence of your commitment to agile development practices
  • Sets you apart from other job candidates in your field

The A-CSD certification focuses on intermediate skills and knowledge in agile and scrum practices. A-CSD is a prerequisite for the CSP-D.

Renew your CSP-D certification every two years by earning 40 Scrum Education Units® and paying the renewal fee.

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