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Rex Lester


Scrum Master, @Rettox Limited

Location: London



Certified ScrumMaster



ScrumMaster (CSM), technical analyst & change manager with a successful record of supporting organisations in the transition to working with and leveraging the full benefits of Scrum. My previous engagements have been with IMG Media where he supported the definition and implementation of agile working and Centrica plc where I worked within the Digital organisation supporting the transition to Scrum. My Recent work includes the technical analysis and delivery of the new iPhone & Android apps for British Gas with subsequent support of the Scrum team maintaining the development of these products using Scrum.

Work experience

British medical Journal, Scrum Master
May 2013 - October 2015, London, London, GB
Coaching and support for BMJ Technology in their transition to the Scrum framework Scrum Master/release Manager for Drupal and Java teams delivering a range of health care software products including the implementation of responsive designs (RWD) for mobile web.

TalkTalk, Scrum Master
December 2013 - March 2014, London, Inner London, GB
Delivery of the My TalkTalk app for iPhone and Android integrated through PhoneGap. Scrum Master for NPS and TV web portal developments.

Centrica plc, Scrum Master
January 2010 - December 2012, Staines, GB
Technical analysis and Scrum Master for the re-write of the British Gas iPhone and Android apps employing an extensible solution facilitating the integration of multiple products into a single app. Scrum development and release of the new British Gas Android app achieving 4 stars at launch. Technical analysis and Scrum Master for the early development of the British Gas iOS app delivering improvements to the quality of the BG iPhone app taking it from two to four point five star rating. Scrum Master for the British Gas & Sainsbury’s energy self serve websites. Scrum Master for delivery of the British Gas One Bill online project facilitating the migration to single bill products for dual fuel customers.

Articles I've written

Transitioning to Agile
Introduction I recently completed a long assignment implementing Scrum and decided that, in the spirit of continuous development and learning, it would be useful to run a personal retrospective while between jobs. This paper articulates some of ...

Evolution or Revolution — Implementing Scrum Is Tough!
Please don't excommunicate me! This article may seem a little Machiavellian, because it is. There's a lot of soft stuff talked about business change. Anyone who's implementing Scrum in a Waterfall-centric organization will understand that the rea...

The Agile-o-Meter
I sometimes ask people where they feel their organization is on the path to Scrum or becoming Agile. The replies are always interesting and tell me more about the type of organization they work in and how it views itself than it does about how Agile they may be.

The Three Most Important Agile Practices
When things don’t go well, people often fail to call out the problem; they sit quietly watching the frog get slowly boiled. I believe that this is probably one of the biggest issues the Agile community currently faces.


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