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Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coach™ (CEC)

As an enterprise agile coach, you guide transformational change and have a significant impact on an organization's leadership and culture. Validate your skills, experience, and competencies with the widely recognized CEC certification from Scrum Alliance.

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Why become a Certified Enterprise Coach?

When you're a Certified Enterprise Coach, leaders will have confidence in your ability to guide them through an agile transformation. This certification vouches for your proficiency in coaching an organization through an evolving and lasting transformation.

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Reasons to get certified with Scrum Alliance

Earn a certification that validates your agile coaching experience and dedication.
Validate your coaching experience, which will be peer-reviewed by other certified coaches.
Connect with a coaching network to share experiences and opportunities. Challenge yourself to grow through collaboration and volunteering.
Give back. You’ll have the opportunity to mentor others to allow them to achieve foundational and advanced certifications.
key requirements

CEC certification standards

Enterprise coaches certified by Scrum Alliance are entrusted with leading organizations through agile transformations. CECs must meet and maintain these high standards to uphold this certification’s value.

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Demonstrate extensive hands-on experience as an active Certified Scrum Professional®, with over 2,000 coaching hours at various organizational levels.

Knowledge and skills

Show contribution to significant organizational improvements through coaching and empowering businesses to solve problems using agile principles.

Professional collaboration

Validate more than three years of active participation in the scrum community, supported by client and mentor recommendations.

Certification process

The process evaluates your qualifications, agile knowledge, and coaching competencies. Below we look at what you can expect. See complete details in the application instructions.

A member of the CEC Review Team will evaluate your readiness and give you valuable feedback during a pre-application call.

In the first stage of the process, we verify the key qualifications needed to become a Scrum Alliance CEC.

The second stage of the process focuses on a qualitative assessment of your ability to coach at an executive level, as well as your experience across various functions, business divisions, and enterprises. You can find the template for mentor recommendations here and client recommendations here.

After your application is approved, pay an annual license fee of $750 and fulfill the criteria to keep your CEC certification active. Access all relevant details via your Scrum Alliance dashboard.

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Video series

Path to Coaching learning series

Our video series offers a thorough method for improving your coaching skills and knowledge. You can select either a free, self-directed course or a more advanced option that includes assessments. Both choices offer the chance for mentorship.

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Module 1: Professional Coaching

Build your professional coaching knowledge and skill set with the first free course in the Path to Coaching learning series.

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Module 2: Systems Coaching

Discover how coaching is linked to the relationship systems formed by groups of people. See how to develop the skills of an adept systems coach.

Module 3: Scaling

Sometimes an organization is ready to scale agile beyond a single team. Uncover the skills you'll need to coach them through a scaling endeavor.

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Module 4: Sustainability

Learn how to make change stick long term by developing skills that build competence in others and establish a growth culture.

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Module 5: Coaching Leaders

Coaching leaders requires extra thought and practice. Learn what is needed to help your leaders build a coaching mindset. 

Frequently asked questions

A Certified Enterprise Coach operates on the organizational level, assisting leaders in eliminating obstacles that hinder the entire company's adoption and ongoing support of an agile transformation. A Certified Team Coach may work with several teams, stakeholders, and/or management to enhance performance and results.

No, the hours spent as a scrum master do not count. Although scrum masters do perform some coaching duties, the coaching certifications are intended for individuals who have progressed beyond the scrum master role to coach scrum masters and others within the organization.

If your application lacks certain qualifications, it may be put on hold. You will have the opportunity to fulfill the missing requirements as identified by the reviewers, or you may choose not to continue pursuing the credential. We’ll provide feedback on how to bridge these gaps, along with a suggested timeline for when you should reapply.

We can't provide an exact timeframe for the review process. Our reviewers are volunteer coaches and trainers, and the number of applications they receive varies. However, we aim to give feedback within 30 days from the date you submit your application.

If your application is placed on hold due to unmet requirements, you may not have to pay the reapplication fee if you reapply within a set time frame after the hold period. However, if your application is not eligible for a hold, you must wait one year before reapplying, and you will be required to pay the application fee again to initiate the process.

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