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Carol Fairbairn


Scrum Master/Project Manager, Accenture

Location: Sacramento, CA/USA


Certified ScrumMaster


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Sacramento ScrumWorks


Carol Fairbairn - Accenture Consultant with extensive knowledge in SAP Learning Solutions as well as other components of SAP. I've been involved in all aspects of IT implementing SAP specifically T&E/Learning Solutions module to support Training Delivery as well as other HCM areas. My 'specialty' is the ability to take client 'stories' and turn them into requirements (business and system) that meet the end user and technical developer expectations. As a result, Unit and QA testing plans produce excellent cases to ensure client expectations are met without defect to ensure a working product implementation.  I've been a practicing Scrum Master for over 5 years on a variety of projects with various technologies.

As a Scrum Master, my finest accomplishment has been the successful Agile project management and implementation of a Management Compensation application and execution of payout cycle that had previously been disasterous.  Putting all previous experiences aside, our scrum team and product owner converged on a 'pilot' adventure using Agile methodolgy.  As a result, the project team realized many of the realities of business, i.e. change of scope mid-stream which meant new user stories and adjustments to the product backlog.  Mother Nature also contributed by way of typhoons and flooding. The dedicated team was able to assume tasks outside their designated areas of expertise to fill in voids but gained valuable experience as a result. Our scrum team was able to quickly adjust user stories in sprints to allow forward progress in spite of the impacts.  Our client gained confidence in the team's abilities to understand the needs and deliver as requested.  As the team came down to the last sprint, there remained only 2 user stories that had been moved to the end of the backlog due to the mid-stream additions.  The product owner was taken aback when we asked if she had any other user stories to add since we had capacity.  She was so surprised and pleased to be given the opportunity and elected to add 2 new user stories and remove the ones that had been placed at the end.  The end result was a VERY happy client, a confident scrum team, and managers with accurate pay treatment and bonus payouts.  We are believers in Agile!

On a personal note, I enjoy all types of music, playing in the dirt, reading, baking (cookies - my specialty), and finding new adventures.


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