Warren Marshall


Product Owner / Software Architect, CCH

Location: Sydney, Australia



Certified Scrum Product Owner


Warren Marshall

Having been the principal developer of CGT Reporter (the market-leading software for Australian share investment tax accounting), Warren has built up a remarkable understanding of both business and technical requirements in this complex area. His extensive experience in Financial Analysis, Accounting, Software Development, Training, Support and Project Management is extremely rare among Australian software professionals. Add to this his massive share investment tax software experience and Warren is clearly a unique talent in Australia.

As the consulting Agile "product owner" to CCH for CGT Reporter, Warren is skilling, mentoring and guiding distributed agile development teams split between Sydney, Cyberjaya and Kuala Lumpur, in a massive redevelopment of CGT Reporter for cloud computing.

This exciting product is scheduled for staged release in fiscal 2013/14 and beyond.

Warren is also responsible for managing the continued enhancement and maintenance of the legacy Windows-based CGT Reporter systems in the meantime.

In spite of these distributed CGT Reporter redevelopment teams being fairly inexperienced, relatively new to agile techniques, and codifying extremely complex business rules, under Warren's guidance they are currently achieving near world's best practice in their rate of software development.