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Erwin Verweij


Certified Enterprise Coach, iFacilitate

Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands



Certified Enterprise Coach
Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



My name is Erwin Verweij and I reside in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I have worked for years as a Projectmanager. Not that it always had that name. I used to work as a production manager for film and as a Line Producer, which is basically the same as a project manager. I also worked as a software trainer. But when you observe closely, in every role I was a facilitator. A facilitator of needs. The last couple of years I worked as a Scrum Master, Agile trainer and coach. I really like to work within Agile environments. I believe that each and everyone has the potential to do more and to be able to cross boundaries. In being a coach I like to help people to find that potential and grow.

Apart from being an Agile coach, trainer and Lego Serious Play Facilitator. I like to create beautifull things. I do this with photography. I like to help people to find what they already have. The power to grow and create things.

I can write down my entire lives history but I’m not going to bore you with that. If you want to know more, just ask. And remember that a appointment is easily made and all it costs is a cup of coffee. And I speak from experience, great things sometimes start with just a hot cup of Joe.

Organizations I Train Through

Approved Courses


  • Certified ScrumMaster


  • Certified Scrum Product Owner

Work experience

Centric, Agile Coach
February 2013 - Present, IJsselstein, ZH, Netherlands
Working as a fulltime Agile coach, Agile coach and LSP workshop designer
December 2012 - Present, Rotterdam, ZH, Netherlands
As Agile coach and trainer I provide knowledge and coaching for various projects. As a Certified Lego Serious Play Facilitator I design workshops with Lego. I also teach at the Rotterdam High School (HRO) and host Urban Photo shoots.

Tellus BV, Scrum coach and trainer
November 2011 - November 2012, Rotterdam, ZH, Netherlands
I'm working here as a Scrum coach and Trainer

Mirabeau, Senior Projectmanager/scrummaster
July 2010 - November 2011, Rotterdam, ZH, Netherlands
Mirabeau is a fullservice internet provider

Mangrove, Projectmanager/Scrummaster
January 2008 - July 2010, Rotterdam, ZH, Netherlands
Worked as Project manager at Mangrove. A full service internet provider.

Articles I've written

Jip and Janneke Should Have Used Scrum
A friend of mine asked me if I could explain Scrum to her. I'm always willing to do this, and I started out with iterations, and estimation and delivering value, and all the stuff we know and do. But she is not a developer, and she soon interrupte...

Agile Does Damage
Agile can inflict a lot of irreversible damage to companies and teams and, in most cases, it cannot be repaired. I sometimes encounter companies that have implemented a form of Agile. Sometimes they use Scrum or Kanban, and on other occasions they...

How to Uninstall Scrum
There are companies that somehow don't seem to get Scrum to work, and they attempt to get it undone — to uninstall it, so to speak. Sometimes the reason is that they feel they don't get the expected results, or that control is no longer ther...


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