Resources for AGILISTS

At Scrum Alliance®, we value your learning journey. That's why we encourage you to demonstrate your continued excellence in the form of Scrum Education Units®.

We crowdsourced these resources for you, our community, to develop and improve your agile skills, and to hopefully strengthen the agile movement inside and outside of Scrum. Do you have any resources to add to our list? Fill out the form below with the information and we’ll add it to the list. (Please note: we’re looking for high-quality resources, so it’s possible not every submission will be added to the list).


SEU Resources

virtual agile courses
  SEUs Available Course Fee
IIL Courses: Virtual Agile Teams 11 $850
Introduction to Agile Marketing 1-2 $0
Software Processes and Agile Practices 7 Coursera fees may apply
Agile Planning for Software Products 15 Coursera fees may apply
Agile Meets Design Thinking 10 Coursera fees may apply
Scrum Alliance Path to Coaching (if you are already a Scrum Alliance member, access the course here) 16 $0
Expanded and enhanced Path to Coaching modules 13 $75 each
Business Continuity 5 $0
Virtual Learning courses from approved Scrum Alliance REPs Varies Varies
Mountain Goat Software Training Varies Varies
Building a Smart Agile Product Backlog with User Stories 3 $29.99
Become a Product Manager | Learn the Skills & Get the Job 13 $94.99
Robust Scrum Product Owner 3 $124.99
Agile Marketing Accelerator Varies $379