Dragan Šegedin


CEO, Project Management & Business Consulting Office

Location: Prague



Certified ScrumMaster

Groups I belong to

Agile Croatia



Dragan Šegedin, M.Tech
Senior Project Manager / Product Manager - Delivery Service responsible


·         Owner of  Project Management & Business Consulting Office (Prague)

·         Core, IN & VAS Customer Project Manager for Ericsson Madagascar

·         Technical Product Manager / CTO for 3G GSM Launch in Rwandatel SA (Kigali/Rwanda)

·         SI Customer Project Manager  - Ericsson a.s.

Work experience

Ericsson Haiti, CORE CPM
January 2011 - Present, Port-au-Prince, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
CORE network upgrade to 3 mil. subs.

Ericsson, CPM for Mobile Broadband Charging
September 2012 - September 2012, Brussels , Belgium
Short, eleven weeks long pre-sales project for Mobistar, Belgium (Brussels). Ericsson Belgium offer new Mobile Broadband Charging system as replacement of old one but from the level of prime integration; Solution Description is taken in consideration almost all elements on BSS level; all of them are tailored for Mobistar on unique madden on IT centric way. Offer consists of few solutions, following each phase of implementation of other nodes (following moving targets in implementation). Offer should consider also sales opportunity for BSCS (new billing system replacement) and SAPC (police controller, to replace PCRF). GR Integration opportunities. Aligned with business requirements across several countries (Orange group). Delivered documents should cover all main streams: Customer Services, Implementation, Integration, Migration, Operability, Performance & Capacity, Hardware & Licensing and Governance (Project, Testing, Change Management, Quality Control)