Marmamula Prashanth Kumar


Agile Coach, ADP

Location: Hyderabad


Certified ScrumMaster

Articles I've written

Know How Much to Commit to Before Committing
Which comes first, story point estimation or breaking the user stories into tasks? Normally teams come up with the story points first, followed by tasking the user stories. But I would suggest working the other way around . . .

Agile Waterfall
Complete transformation from Waterfall to Agile is very difficult, as it involves a drastic change of mind-set and culture on the part of the individuals involved. It is easier to apply minute changes rather than huge ones, so I am proposing a middle path, one where instead of drastic moves we are looking at small changes that nonetheless lead toward Agile.

A Simple Way to Measure the Performance of Scrum Teams
Measuring the performance of Scrum teams is the biggest challenge that most organizations face today. . . . I propose the following simple method to measure the performance of Scrum teams; you can use this if it works for you.

Ingredients for a Successful Transformation to Scrum
Agile/Scrum is the current buzzword for obvious reasons, such as its self-organized teams and its empowered, motivated individuals working toward a common goal. Miracles are bound to happen. But to realize the real benefits of Scrum, the transformation of the team should be complete in all aspects. . . .

The Built-in Issue-Identification Mechanism in Scrum
Scrum has a built-in issue-identification mechanism, which will help identify any problematic issues early. . . .

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