Certified Scrum Professional
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Jitendra Gosain has over 12 years of Software industry experience. He is a certified PMP, CSM and CSP. He has worked as consultant for 5 years in States with different prestigious clients. He is using Agile Scrum for over 4 years. His interests includes software project management, agile project management and scrum coaching.

Articles I've written

PM 101: Dealing with Team and Customer
Agile processes are gaining in popularity, which means many project managers are following them for the first time. Based on my own experience, I've developed a sort of primer for PMs starting out on Agile projects. The key points are as follows: ...

How to Use the Daily Stand-up Meeting Effectively
Daily stand-up meetings play an important role in the success of Scrum process-based projects. Most of us know this, and we know how they "should" be conducted. Yet, time and again, I see these meetings go astray. Here I hope to review the problem...