Certified Scrum Trainer (CST)

Be an integral national and international ambassador of Scrum and the agile movement

Part I: Formal Review

Once you begin the online application, you will see a series of tasks you will need to complete. The online application allows you to work through the various sections and requirements at your own pace. You can mark tasks as “Complete” when you finish them; or you can “Save and Continue” tasks that are still in progress.

Below is an overview of each task. Detailed instructions and guidelines for each requirement are provided within the application. Helpful Resource: you can also watch a video overview of the TAC talking about Mastering the CST Application


The CST Application Requirements

{Bulleted List Prerequisites

In this section we ask you to verify that you meet all of the CST Prerequisites before moving forward with the application. Please do not submit an application if you do not meet all of the prerequisites. 


{History Scrum Experience

CSTs are expected to have extensive hands-on, real-world experience serving on Scrum teams inside organizations as a ScrumMaster, Product Owner, team member or agile coach. The key learnings expressed should demonstrate your comprehensive knowledge and understanding of Scrum. Tip: Think about the stories and experiences you’ve gained over the years. Which of these key learnings/stories would you share with your students in class? What are the learnings you have gained from your varied work experience that impacts the way you view and teach Scrum?


{Picture Personal Statement

We want to know why Scrum inspires you and what motivates you to share that inspiration with others. Your personal statement should concisely answer WHY you are applying to become a CST and what will be your unique contribution to the Scrum Alliance Guides community. 


{Magic Wand Course Material

The submitted materials should clearly convey and provide a narrative of what the experience would be like as a student in your class. These materials are your creation and are based on the most current version of the Scrum Foundations Learning Objectives and Certified ScrumMaster® Learning Objectives or Certified Scrum Product Owner Learning Objectives.  Course materials could include a slide deck, flipchart images, student workbook, facilitator's guide, photos, an outline of your curriculum/narrative/lesson plans, games and activities, learning aids, etc.  Note: please submit your application using the Scrum Guide version and Learning Objectives version that are effective at the time of your application submission.  Until further notice, please use the 2020 Scrum Guide and 2021 Learning Objectives (including the 2021 Learning Objective addendum) to build your CSM and/or CSPO course materials. 

{Puzzle Piece Course Material Mapping Document 

Create a clear and comprehensive mapping between your course content and the Learning Objectives. Please use the most recent version of the CSM or CSPO mapping template found in the Apply portal.  Tip: The TAC uses the mapping document to verify that you are fully validating each Learning Objective. Use this document to show them where and how you cover each objective in your materials, and how you, as the trainer, will validate your students' understanding of each learning objective.


{Hex Tiles Training Experience Document

Show your experience teaching Scrum in a co-training partnership with a CST or independently in a non-certified context over the last 60 months. 


{Chat Bubble Student Feedback

How do you collect student feedback in a measurable way? And most importantly, how do you use student feedback to inspect and adapt as a trainer and improve your materials over time?


{Group Recommendations 

Recommendations should concentrate specifically on two areas of focus: Scrum knowledge and training ability. Recommendation authors should be specific and provide examples from observed training modules, student engagement, and/or classroom management. The minimum number of recommendation letters we require for a complete application is at least five (5). Recommendations from active CSTs must use the Candidate CST Recommendation template


{Earth Community Involvement

CSTs are expected to be engaged national and international ambassadors of Scrum and agile, as well as ambassadors of Scrum Alliance. This is evidenced by the contribution of unique ideas to the Agile community at least two years in advance of the application submission. 


{Video Optional Video

Though optional, we encourage you to submit a video sample of you in the classroom! The most effective video segments will highlight you in interesting/important interactions with students (e.g., answering a difficult question, demonstrating your knowledge and expertise on an important Scrum topic, etc.). Tip: Even if you are training in a language that is not English, the TAC would still like to see a video; you can add English subtitles or submit as-is and we can still see your student interaction!

Submitting Your Application

To finish the application, you will be asked to acknowledge and sign the terms and conditions and pay the $250 non-refundable application fee.

Application Status

Once you’ve submitted your application, you will be able to see the status of your application displayed on your application dashboard in the Survey Monkey Apply platform. You will also receive updates on your status via email from applications@scrumalliance.org