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Martin Salias


Coach & Trainer, Kleer SRL

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner
Registered Education Provider


Groups I belong to

Agiles Argentina



Martin Salias (Buenos Aires, Argentina) is Coach & Trainer at Kleer, a leading agile consulting organization in Latin America.

He has more than thirty years in the software industry working with several different platforms, programming and spoken languages, for organizations ranging from the United Nations to Microsoft Corp, in a wide array of industries. He started out as a hard core programmer and acted in many roles like dev lead, coach, architect and sales support. At the seam time he spent most of his career deeply involved in the development community, speaking at meetings and conferences around the world, editing magazines in English, Spanish and Portuguese, contributing to forums, mailing lists, and some open source projects. He has been awarded as a Microsoft MVP for ten years in a row and is currently the president of the Microsoft User Group of Argentina.

Organizations I Train Through

Approved Courses

Continuing Education

  • Agile Architecture Workshop


  • Introduction to Scrum (Intro)
  • Scrum Estimating & Planning (Elective)
  • Introducción a Scrum (Intro)
  • Estimación y Planificación con Scrum (Elective)
  • Desarrollo Ágil de Software en Scrum (Technical)
  • Introducción a Scrum, Estimación y Planificación con Scrum (Elective, Intro)

Work experience

Kleer, Trainer
August 2012 - Present, Buenos Aires, CABA, AR
Kleer provides training and coaching on Scrum, XP, Kanban and other agile practices for individual and corporations, with a stronger focus in Latin America.

Southworks, Senior Geek
August 2008 - July 2012, Buenos Aires, CABA, AR
Southworks is a software development provider working for major USA and Europe corporate customers as Microsoft Corp, GlaxoSmithKline, Bank of America and others. I helped the company grow in their first stages, and later joined to help them grow and expand, spreading their Agile origins beyond their project management and throughout the organization, covering administration, HR, travel and logistics.

Microsoft, Enterprise Architect
August 2007 - July 2010, Buenos Aires, CABA, AR
My role was provide architectural advisory to Microsoft Enterprise customers in Argentina and Uruguay, most of the time helping concrete projects and teams. As it happened to me in my consultant work before, most of the problems were not technical in nature, but communication and expectations problems, so I spent a huge part of my time doing agile coaching beyond technical issues. At the same time, Microsoft was heavily pushing TFS as their lifecycle management platform, and although I was never a big fan of it, it provided me with the appropriate context to work with customers improving their whole development strategy. I also worked in close contact with the internal agile community at Microsoft and with the team at Patterns & Practices, which provides architecture guidance, but was also the early adopter of agile practices at the company.

Microsoft Corp, Consultant / Dev Lead
November 2005 - September 2006, Buenos Aires, CABA, AR
I was hired by Microsoft Argentina for a big project as the main telecommunications company. My official role was Dev Lead, but they called me based on two skills they were searching: - interoperability and multiple platforms knowledge, as this project needed to interact with many other systems outside the Microsoft platform - Agile experience, as this was a high risk project, and they were trying to avoid typical corporate project pitfalls

South Cone Development, Program Manager
January 2002 - November 2003, Buenos Aires, CABA, AR
I helped set this danish company´s operations in Buenos Aires, which later became Kayxo, and then branched into others after a series of acquisitions. As the main product we were set to build was a development platform, I become the technical Product Owner, working in contact with the development community at large and the internal team, iterating our way through a whole family of components.

Merino Aller, Chief Architect
January 1989 - November 2003, Buenos Aires, CABA, AR
As Chief Architect and Technical Leader of the company, I always worked around team dynamics, customer requirements and better results. By the end of the 90s, when we had fully adopted OOP, I started working on primitive automated testing techniques taking advantage of our Model View Controller archetypes. By early 2000 when I discovered XP, I realized it had answers to most of the things we were trying already, and quickly embraced it.


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