Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST®)

Be an integral national and international ambassador of Scrum and the agile movement

About the Trainer Approval Community (TAC)

The goal of the Trainer Approval Community (TAC) is to provide a clear, consistent and equitable way of obtaining the CST certification while maintaining the high quality standards that the CST certification represents.  The TAC's role is to uphold and assess the CST certification standards.

TAC members are CSTs who have been actively training for at least 2 years, are Scrum Alliance ambassadors in good standing, and bring to the team a diversity and uniqueness of perspective.  TAC members generously offer their time reviewing CST applications, participating in feedback calls, working alongside Scrum Alliance staff to improve the CST application process and candidate journey, and participating in interviews and simulations for CST candidates. The TAC is a high-functioning team, requiring countless hours of service to Scrum Alliance.

The TAC is an assessment body for the CST certification, not a mentoring community.  In order to ensure unbiased assessment, we request that aspiring CSTs and prospective candidates do not reach out to TAC members with requests to connect, provide guidance, or offer mentorship. However, other active CSTs may have more time available for such outreach and mentoring. Please visit Frequently Asked Questions for more information on connecting with CSTs for co-training and mentorship.

TAC members must recuse themselves from reviewing applications which meet any or all of the following:

  • If an application is submitted by an applicant who is an employee of, or an independent contractor to, a company (or an affiliate of a company) by which a TAC member is employed or to which they serve as an independent contractor.
  • In circumstances where to participate in consideration of the application would violate the Scrum Alliance Code of Ethics.

In addition, every attempt possible is made to recuse TAC members due to geographic overlaps, previous submission review(s), and/or any other instance where a TAC member cannot be unbiased. 

Meet the TAC

Björn Jensen
Hamburg, Germany
Colin Bird
London, UK
Dave Prior
New York, USA
Ethan Huang
Shanghai, China
Iain Mckenna
Northamptonshire, UK
Judy Neher
Indiana, USA
Lonnie Weaver-Johnson
Minnesota, USA
Michel Goldenberg
LisboN, Portugal
Xavier Quesada-Allue
Gent, Belgium