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Chris Chen


Project Manager, Ericsson

Location: Nanjing



Certified ScrumMaster



Work experience

Ericsson, Scrum Master of LTE MBB Software Design
January 2011 - Present, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

1. As OPO(Operative Product Owner) of LTE L23 PG(Product guardian) team,

I was responsible for the project development progress monitoring and quality

control, guarantee the smooth release of the product code on schedule, hosting

various review meetings such as customer new requirements, code inspection,

test framework, continuous integration and delivery process, communication with

system engineers in SOC team and onsite service engineers effectively, ensured

completeness and correctness of customer demand, at the same time participating

in the development of important features.

2. As driver for L23 architecture re-factoring and improvement to meet product

needs from customer, I am the key advocator of “DUL10 Step-3”, provide the

L23 solution of SW architecture evolution, runtime OS porting, etc.

3. As contact person of the first pilot scrum team of the whole project, I was

responsible for the coordinated of all aspects of Agile Development (sprint

planning, daily stand-up meeting, iteration showcase, iteration review meeting,

Continuous Integration daily scrum meeting and sprint retrospective meeting,

etc.) of Core Product Teams through completion to achieve iteration/release/

project goals and commitments.

4. I was also responsible for the Technical issue coordination between L23, overall

requirement and scope analysis on behalf of L23 subsystem, providing product/

project strategy based on various customer test specifications; gap analysis; new

technology trend and technology foresight to wireless commutation business,

make task planning, prioritization, anatomy, etc.

5. I am the core team member of System Management/Development with cross-
functional expertise in Product Planning and Continuous Integration. Act as

“Scrum Product Owner” role, clarify and provide clear requirement to team for

implementation. Provide high-quality, high-performance system design work, e.g.

FDI/IP document for some features (Performance Management (PM) Framework,

S1/X2 Configuration Update, SCTP Operation, Multi-Rab Support for S1/X2

HO, DUL10 V3 Integration, 1200UE Task for Random Access Optimization,

QOS scheduling, S1/X2/IRAT handover, Transmission Mode Switch, Link

Adaptation, etc.).

6. I accumulated extensive experience as a leader within LTE product L23 protocol

with solid protocol and theory knowledge defined in 3GPP, such as 3gpp

36.211, 36.212, 36.213, 36.321, 36.331, as well as some layer1 (Physical). I also


grasped extensive troubleshooting experience during the development of many

key function areas such as ASN.1 encoding/decoding, RRC procedures of cell

selection, connection and configuration procedures, UE attach/detach procedures

and security handling, bearer management, SPS, etc. .

ZTE Corporation, Product Manager at ZTE
June 2009 - January 2011, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

1. Responsible for software project management including transferring, planning

and executing, managing full software development life cycle.

2. Work internationally in many bidding projects with TM (Telecom Malaysia),

Vietelle/VNPT (Vietnam), Telefonica (Spain), Telenor (Hungary), FT (Orange),

Vodafone (Germany), Wind (Greece), TI (Italy), and Mirs (Israel).

3. Ensure planned project activities to be executed timely and efficiently, as key

member be responsible for Requirement analysis, Conducted research and

analysis on customers’ requirements and development requirements , including

writing Requirement Specification Document, System Design Document,

Simulation testing , and Writing Simulation Report Document.

4. Work closely with customer, manage to delivery all projects from requirement

gathering and design solution, project planning and scheduling, progress

monitoring and ensure delivery, as well as onsite trouble-shooting, and issue


5. Coordinate with internal and external technical teams in the execution of overall

project planning.

ZTE Corporation, Senior Software Engineer at ZTE
April 2007 - June 2009, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

1. Mentor junior engineers and provided assistance to Project Manager to improve

product development and maintenance process. Keep track of the release plan and

users’ feedback of product modules

2. Responsible for system new function development and module design, Took

charge of code review and change request follow-up. Perform system diagnosis/

debugging and provided technical support on system maintenance.

3. Participate in software personnel recruitment and interviewed candidates for

technical skills

4. Act as technical interface on behalf of department to coordinate with Oversea

Marketing department/branch companies as well as customers from other


5. Mainly responsible for foundation and maintenance of UMTS PS Core Network

GGSN product, in this process comprehended architecture and all network

entities of UMTS, mastered conventional service process of PS domain, grasped

methods of system debugging and fast troubleshooting.

6. Deeply involved in development tasks of several corporate-level strategy PTN

products of Bearer network product line, familiar with MPLS technology and the

principles of routers and switches, accumulated rich experience in requirement

analysis, feature development and maintenance. Block owner of many key

functions such as ACL, QOS, SVLAN, HQOS, VPN QOS, CFM, MPLS TE,

BFD FRR, MPLS OAM, take part in the support of integration test and Large-
scale system networking test. Successfully


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