Yilmaz Guleryuz


Lifestyle Entrepreneur, WareNinja / beerstorm.net

Location: Oslo, Norway


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster


Yilmaz Guleryuz





Entrepreneurial Agile & Lean navigator with solid experience in emerging technologies, strong expertise in designing & delivering large-scale software services, social media technologies.

Excellent in troubleshooting and problem solving by applying "helicopter view" style, focus on big picture together with ability to zoom on details whenever needed. Conscientious, innovative and enjoys working in a team environment even under ”pressure-cooker” situations. Open to research and development with innovative spirit.

As per never-ending experiences, devoted onto Lifestyle Entrepreneurship. All efforts are flowing thru passion, creativity and innovation.
Developing, adapting, expanding (even editing ruthlessly) agile practices by applying concepts of gamification & flow.

Key Skills:
§ Over 10 years of experience in diverse range of businesses and activities. 
§ Evaluating, reviewing and building/maintaining mobile&internet services.
§ Flexibility, good communication, innovation and creativity
§ Problem solving abilities with "helicopter view": focus on big picture and zoom into details
§ Leading, inspiring and motivating a development teams thru strong management skills
§ Line management of Development engineers – coach, manage appraisals, set and review objectives, assist with career development
§ Implementing game mechanics into non-game contexts
§ Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) with solid work experience
§ Proven track record of managing development teams on complex software projects
§ Understanding and leading the entire software design, development and deployment
§ Proven ability & desire to innovate
§ Solid experience in:
- Managing & leading cross-functional teams
- Coaching & hands-on leadership
- Designing & delivering highly scalable software architectures
- Comet, Event driven architecture, mobile client-server communication
- Open source evangelist
- Java/J2EE, NoSQL, Social Media integration, cloud based applications


Lean Startup, Software Development Manager, Team Lead, technical manager, Agile Development, Agile Coaching, leadership, professional consultant, Entrepreneurship


Work experience

WareNinja, Lifestyle Entrepreneur
October 2010 - Present, Oslo, Norway
Domain-expert freelance consulting -> co-founder @ beerstorm.net -> Forming & working with start-up initiatives -> Providing expertise in emerging technologies & domains -> Turning ideas into action! -> Building the main foundation -> Forming & scaling teams -> Consultancy for executives in strategy development -> Implementing Gamification in teams & projects -> Ramping up form of nearshore development Active contributor to open source world. --> Pet projects http://beta.LOCO8.net the fun way to discover Interesting LOCOs! Completely new idea in social locations arena. --> Android clients WareNinja apps on Google Play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=WareNinja

Aspiro TV, Head of Development
August 2011 - July 2012, Oslo, Oslo, Norway
> Full responsibility of R&D department > Working directly with CTO in building vision & strategies > Line management of development teams; coach, manage appraisals, set and review objectives, assist with career development > Hiring and career development for the team > Applying & [r]evolving Agile development practices > Leading cross-functional teams based on multi-locations > Managing back-end & mobile development > Hands-on leadership of development teams

Vodafone Group Services GmbH, Agile Development Manager
March 2008 - July 2011, Dusseldorf, Germany

March, 2008 - present:  Agile Software Development Manager @ Vodafone 360 service

Vodafone Group Services Gmbh, Dusseldorf / Germany




Leading development teams, managing mission critical parts of Vodafone 360 project, driving end2end service flows. Designed & managing the main backbone of software architecture including social network aggregation and social messaging, client-server communication.


Key Achievements:


  • Introduced & used COMET (long polling, server push) as the main technology. This addressed the main concept of client-server communication flow, providing client&network optimization and robust service flow, covering huge customer base (mobile & web), achieving "always online" concept for concurrent mobile clients/users.

  • Introduced "Hackathon" style into development process. Delivered innovative features by creating momentum and team spirit across multiple locations

  • Applied scrum practice and innovative team spirit into development process. Fun, creativity and agility are key assets of my teams.

  • Setup&manage teams with members across different geolocations and timezones, teams are always on-track with sprint deliverables and achieving goals.
  • Helped scale eight agile teams working concurrently, acted as go-between across teams to ensure cooperation and consistent technical vision.
  • Actively lead re-architecting complex software components, achieved smooth transition into scalable&manageable architecture of Social Networking integration backend
    Achieved KPIs: 
    - TTM of developing new features/communities decreased from 3 months to 2 weeks
    - Deployment time decreased from 1 day to 1hour
    - Simplified & centralized software architecture 
    - Extended monitoring and manageable software structure
  • Setup & manage cross-functional teams which includes DEV(backend & clients), QA, DNO, Product Owners, Architecture
  • Introduced new style to delivery process: "Ninja DevQa"  ( www.WareNinja.com )
    • Cross-functional team has end2end ownership,
    • across all touch-points - from DEV till GoLive
    • Success criteria is rich feature-set & on-time GoLive
    • Acted as "invisible ninja": act/exist anywhere anytime
    • One team one target; sharp&smooth releases-> Ninja style


Key Skills Gained:

  • Applying scrum practice, planning and prioritization using tools (Jira, Mingle),  sprint kickoffs, daily standups, leading day-to-day development.

  • Working & leading cross-functional teams (dev, dno, qa, marketing, ue, testing) and geolocations

  • Developing team spirit while managing expectations of stakeholders

  • Applying key principle "Speed & Simplicity" and deliver scalable software based on "keep it simple, make it work" philosophy


Trainings & Certifications: