Vadim Musteata


Business Systems Analyst, Deeplace

Location: Chisinau, Moldova

+373 68 66 77 21


My name is Vadim V. Musteata, Agile IT Analyst from Moldova, Eastern Europe.

I started working in IT domain since 2007, as a technical writer and web developer.

In 2010–2012 implemented ERP, CRM and BI systems for medium and large business in Moldova. Participated in different projects as a business analyst, knowledge manager, project manager, system analyst, architect, developer and tester.

IT Master's degree in 2012. Thesis: National Compliance Data Warehouse – developing of optimized compliance model through interaction between business and government based on modern technologies of machinery data processing.

Now I'm working on e-gov intranet/internet systems and cloud services for small and medium business in RM.

I adhere self-organization, cross-functionality and "advanced agile analysis" (subject of my forthcoming doctoral thesis). I promote these principles in our community Agile Moldova. I think that analysts can be the best Scrum Masters and Product Owners in IT domain.

I am an altruist and social meritocrat. Believe in happy post-industrial future of human society.

Work experience

Deeplace, ScrumMaster & Product Owner
January 2012 - Present, Chisinau, Moldova, Republic of

ScrumMaster for 2 development teams (9 and 5 people) in 11 projects, Product Owner for 5 products. 2230 hours of agile practices.