Ingrid Sutherland


Scrum Master/Agile Coach, Apollo Group/University of Phoenix

Location: Phoenix, AZ


Certified ScrumMaster

Groups I belong to

Phoenix SUG


After working in Agile Scrum environments for almost six years it has become like a second skin. It is intrinsic to my nature of “learn as I do”. I have an aptitude for learning quickly and a facility with conveying that knowledge to others in either written or verbal form, at different levels of an organization.  

I am a seasoned team builder and facilitator well versed in the language of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and the use of tools and systems used in project management/product development.  

I have 20+ years experience in software development for retail and SMB, and have held roles in Quality Assurance/testing, technical support, system analysis, and technical writing, as well as assistant to executive level stakeholders in R&D (~4 years).  

My extra-curricular experience includes holding elected local, regional, and statewide offices in Business and Professional Women/WA, organizing and running business round-tables with the Small Business Association, working on a state senatorial campaign, running for public office, and serving three years on a school board. 

Specialties: Herding cats and corralling chaos with diplomacy and flexibility to manage and facilitate deliverables--all while smiling.


Work experience

Apollo Group, Scrum Master/Agile Coach
September 2011 - Present, Phoenix, Az, United States

Scrum Master to the Apollo IT Database Development group--the beating heart of Apollo Group--for the last two years; I work closely with the DB Development Managers and Directors to administer the flow of work coming in from multiple customers and various parts of the organization, and oversee consistent, high quality, successful delivery. I also liaise with the Production Support team on escalation, resolution, and tracking of issues.


I've just completed 3 1/2 months as the Scrum Master/Agile Coach for the group that manages the 50+ legacy applications that encompass University of Phoenix, Western International University, Institute for Professional Development, and other colleges within the system. I guided them in their Agile transformation into three solid teams delivering consistently; established an intake process for handling escalation issues from Production Support; and worked with them in adopting a continuous delivery process.


I am beginning work with a new team who have been working waterfall until now. The Unified Communication Protocol (UCP) team is starting Phase 2 and I am facilitating their adoption of Agile/Scrum and working with the the Project Manager and Product Owner to road map Phase 2 sprints.


Previously, I worked with the Financial Aid Kanban team for nearly a year before they were reassigned for a large financial regulatory initiative. Their mandate is to keep the FA system humming; the work included ensuring financial aid is calculated and disbursed properly.

Last but not least, I am also working within the organization to initiate a cross training philosophy that will lead to cross functional teams with the ability to develop, test, and deliver no matter what a team member's title, and helping to drive the adoption of a true Agile Community at Apollo. My goals are to help the business understand how best to scale Agile and to build the bridge between the PMO and Agile environment that will transform how we plan and deliver projects.

Sage, Team Member/Scrum Master
October 2008 - September 2011, Scottsdale, Az, United States

I began as a team member at Sage; I was the technical writer for the SDK (used to customize Saleslogix), the SalesLogix mobile application and hot fixes for about 18 months.

I moved to a Program Manager position and became the Scrum Master for teams working on the core product (SalesLogix), as well as the mobile application, and the SDK . I facilitated the team's move to a more streamlined scrum approach, where before they were working in a 'scrummerfall' manner.


Under my tutelage, the teams adopted task boards, ran more efficient and productive stand ups, planning and review meetings, and were each able to establish a velocity--something management did not believe was possible. The company did not have an Agile PMO, so I acted as the bridge between the scrum teams and PMO as well when there were issues with delivery timing, etc. 

Also responsible for the planning, scheduling and implementation of Beta Programs, Go to Market Readiness activities and the development/training sessions for Boot Camp.


I held the Scrum Master position at Sage until I left in September of 2011 (~18 months).