Bharath Malaivaiyavur


Associate Consultant, TCS

Location: Chennai


Certified ScrumMaster


Bharath Malaivaiyavur

* As a project manager for Morgan Stanley Account of TCS, managed BNE Strategic and Tactical initiatives successfully.

* As a project manager for Citibank N.A., Singapore account of TCS, managed Japan Cards Mobile project successfully.

* As Scrum master for Citibank N.A. account of TCS, mentored Global Products teams in Scrum principles.

* As project manager for Citibank N.A. Singapore account of TCS, managed G2C project successfully.


Articles I've written

Success Story: Transition from Agile-cum-Waterfall to Scrum
I was not a Certified ScrumMaster when this story began. I had about 13 years of experience in software services. . . .