Scrum Foundations eLearning Series

Scrum Fundamentals

If you’ve been curious about what Scrum is, this is great place to start. 

The 14-part eLearning series, based on the Scrum Guide*, is broken out into sections as follows:

Scrum Theory and Values—Scrum Theory (05:47), Scrum Values (3:16)
Scrum Roles—Cross Functional and Self-Organizing Teams (1:42), Scrum Roles (2:39)
Scrum Events—Introduction to Scrum Events (3:34), Sprint Planning Meeting (7:35), Daily Scrum (3:40), Sprint Review (2:35), Sprint Retrospective (2:25)
Scrum Artifacts—Scrum Artifacts (3:48), Product Backlog (2:20), Product Backlog Refinement (2:16), Sprint Backlog (2:33), The Increment and Definition of Done (01:58)

We recommend watching the short videos in order. If you want, download the Scrum Foundations eLearning Series transcript to follow along. Also, be sure to review the Learning Objectives, which will allow you to enhance your knowledge. Click the play button below to start eLearning. In other words, Scrum and get it!





Give Yourself the Credit You Deserve

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Watching all videos in this series earns you one Scrum Education Unit (SEU®) credit.



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