Scrum Alliance® Registered Education Ally (REA)

What Is a Scrum Alliance® Registered Education Ally?

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Scrum Alliance Registered Education Allies (REAs) are third-party organizations who provide marketing and logistical support for Scrum Alliance-approved education providers. REAs are authorized to market and support only those courses taught by the Scrum Alliance-certified education providers who are associated with that particular Registered Education Ally. These courses might include certification courses (e.g., Certified ScrumMaster® or Certified Scrum Developer®), advanced certification courses (e.g., Advanced Certified Scrum Product OwnerSM), and/or continuing education offerings.

We encourage all organizations who are interested in becoming Registered Education Allies to apply.

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Registered Education Ally Qualifications

The organizations in our REA program are exceptional at market visibility, student support, and customer service.

Every REA application is evaluated for the following: certified education provider endorsement, safeguards that ensure an excellent student experience, and ethical issue resolution and marketing practices.

REA organizations must at all times maintain endorsements from two or more Scrum Alliance-approved education providers in order to maintain their REA status. Organizations who do not have a current endorsement from at least two Scrum Alliance-approved education providers (CST®, CTC, CEC, Educator, or instructor) may not advertise under the Scrum Alliance brand, either on our website or on the REA's own website. 

Scrum Alliance evaluates REA organizations on a regular basis to ensure the highest quality marketing and customer service support practices.

REA Program: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Scrum Alliance-approved education provider? Education providers are those individuals specifically certified by Scrum Alliance to teach and train. Examples of Scrum Alliance-approved education providers include: Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST®), Certified Team Coach, Certified Enterprise Coach, Educator, or instructor. 

If you are interested in teaching (becoming a certified education provider for our organization), you must first be credentialed by Scrum Alliance to offer education and/or certification courses. 

What courses can a Registered Education Ally market and support? A REA can only advertise those courses that their associated education providers are credentialed to teach and are authorized to market publicly. Only CSTs, for example, can publicly advertise for a Scrum Alliance CSM and CSPO course.  This applies to the REA's own website as well as the Scrum Alliance course listing.

What is a continuing education course? Continuing Education courses are designed to enhance the skills of agile practitioners. We know that although certifications are a great start, and mile markers along a journey, they are not a replacement for experience and expertise. Continuing education is one of many ways we encourage community involvement, professional engagement, networking, new skill acquisition, quality assurance, and validation beyond the classroom. These agile-focused professional development courses also count as Scrum Education Units® (SEUs), which can be applied toward the renewal of certifications.

My organization was approved under the old REP program. What does this mean for me? If an existing REP meets the criteria to become an REA, they will be transferred over to the REA program. Any continuing education course instructors associated with a REP will be grandfathered into the REA's authorized education provider list, but do not count toward the Scrum Alliance-certified education provider endorsement requirement.

What are the fees associated with becoming a Registered Education Ally? Once approved, REAs pay an annual fee of $1000. Those fees cover the cost of oversight and website maintenance. 

As a Scrum Alliance-approved education provider, how would I rescind my recommendation? If you wish to rescind your recommendation before or after the application is submitted, please contact [email protected] to discuss next steps.

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