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Scrum Alliance Registered Education Ally

A Registered Education Ally (REA) is an organization that offers marketing and logistical support to Scrum Alliance-approved education providers. As a REA, you'll partner with education providers to deliver the world's most recognizable certifications, bringing game-changing agility to individuals, teams, and enterprises.

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Why become a Scrum Alliance REA?

Through the partnership with Scrum Alliance-approved education providers, REAs sell Scrum Alliance certifications, which are among the most in-demand scrum and agile certifications today. Employers in numerous industries recognize these certifications and are willing to pay more for candidates who have earned them.

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Benefits of allyship

Organizations want to be more agile. You'll align your brand with trainers who are committed to delivering high-quality agile education to transform the world of work.
Credibility. Gain the right to use Scrum Alliance's certification marks and REA badges, enhancing your credibility and showcasing your alignment with Scrum Alliance standards.
Visibility. Feature your profile on the Scrum Alliance website, gaining visibility among thousands of our members and the broader scrum community.
Support. Benefit from Scrum Alliance's support and access to back-end systems for streamlined course management and delivery.

Support a success story

Scrum Alliance-certified trainers help professionals reach their goals. Whether they're aiming for a new scrum team role or want to apply agile principles to improve how they deliver at work, Scrum Alliance members rely on trainers to equip them with the right tools. You can support these success stories as a REA.

key requirements

Registered Education Ally standards

The organizations in our REA program are exceptional at market visibility, student support, and customer service. Your application will be evaluated to determine your organization's capabilities in those areas.

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Customer support

REA organizations offer excellent customer support so that Scrum Alliance students enjoy a hassle-free experience from enrollment to certification.

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Student experience

We have safeguards in place to ensure an excellent student experience. We evaluate the prospective REA's processes, including issue resolution.

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Ethics and marketing

Our assessments verify that every REA consistently follows the Scrum Alliance’s guidelines and ethics in resolving issues and conducting marketing activities.

REA certification process

Becoming a Scrum Alliance Registered Education Ally is a structured process that ensures organizations meet the high standards Scrum Alliance sets.

In this initial step in the process, your organization expresses interest and commitment to supporting Scrum Alliance-approved education providers.

Scrum Alliance will evaluate your application on several criteria, including customer service and support practices, quality of marketing practices, and adherence to ethics and issue resolution practices. This comprehensive evaluation ensures that your organization aligns with Scrum Alliance's values and standards.

Organizations or training providers that are interested in becoming a Registered Education Ally to provide Scrum Alliance certification courses can expect the following fees:

  • An application fee of $250 USD
  • An annual license fee of $5,000 USD 
  • A registration fee of $50 USD per individual to provide students' Scrum Alliance membership and access to their CSM®/CSPO® certification (after attending the course)

After successful evaluation, your organization is approved and authorized as a Registered Education Ally. This approval allows you to market and support courses taught by Scrum Alliance-certified education providers associated with the REA.

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Frequently asked questions

Education providers are those individuals specifically certified by Scrum Alliance to teach and train. Examples of Scrum Alliance-approved education providers include: Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST®), Certified Team Coach, Certified Enterprise Coach, or Certified Scrum Alliance Trainer. If you are interested in teaching (becoming a certified education provider for our organization), you must first be credentialed by Scrum Alliance to offer education and/or certification courses.

A REA can only advertise those courses that their associated education providers are credentialed to teach and are authorized to market publicly. Only CSTs, for example, can publicly advertise for a Scrum Alliance CSM and CSPO course. This applies to the REA's website and the Scrum Alliance course listing.

If an existing REP meets the criteria to become a REA, they will be transferred over to the REA program. Any continuing education course instructors associated with a REP will be preapproved into the REA's authorized education provider list.

Once approved, REAs pay an annual fee of $5,000. Those fees cover the cost of oversight and website maintenance.

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