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Victor Bonacci
Enterprise Agile Coach at Bio-Rad Laboratories.
Irvine, CA, USA


Victor Bonacci - Agile has changed my life.

After earning a Communications degree (1989) and a post-grad filmmaking degree (1993), I started my career as a teacher before moving into website and software development (1997). I grew into project management roles, but working as an Agile coach, facilitator and trainer is clearly the "sweet spot" where I am most effective, passionate and happy.

I was first introduced to Scrum practices as a developer in Michigan (2000) when we tried timeboxed iterations and daily standups. Nothing too formal, but small improvements over what I'd done on prior projects. (These were also opportunities to learn XP practices such as pair-programming and TDD.) These experiences opened my eyes to new modes of organization.

In business school, I returned to Scrum by bringing the concepts of iteration and incrementalism into my peer working groups. In a Project Management course (IOM580, 2004), we discussed the "new" Agile movement and examined Scrum and other associated methodologies.

At Panasonic, a waterfall company where we followed PMBOK strictly, I recognized that my small SW teams could benefit from Scrum practices. The "experiements" I introduced were minor and temporary (and the PMO wasn't too keen on deviating from waterfall), but the experience prepared me for leading the soup-to-nuts transformation at Sendgrid a few years later.

Since 2009 I've only worked as a Scrum Master or Agile Coach, and I've been active in my local community for nearly as long. I started my Agile Coffee meetups in 2011, and the conversations prompted the launch of the Agile Coffee podcast two years later. I volunteer at the Agile Opens in SoCal, and I co-founded Agile Coach Camp US West in 2014. My truest passion is giving back, and I'm always looking for opportunities to invite others to connect.

I am humbled and honored to have been selected as Co-Chair of Global SCRUM GATHERING® San Diego 2017 with Kim Brainard.

Work Experience

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Enterprise Agile Coach
2015-12-18 - Present, Irvine, CA, United States
Agile coach for the enterprise
cPrime, Agile Team Coach
2015-09-07 - 2015-12-18, Santa Monica, CA, United States
Team coach and trainer for cPrime engagement at Cornerstone On Demand (CSOD) in Santa Monica.
PICS Auditing, Scrum Master and Coach
2014-07-07 - 2015-05-12, Irvine, CA, US
Served as ScrumMaster for one team and as one of three Agile coaches for the organization. I advised on Scrum procedures and best practices. My domains of expertise included: root-cause analysis, Rally/JIRA administration, team culture improvements, and backlog grooming oversight. In addition, I coordinated department-wide trainings, tech-talks, guilds and hackathons.
SendGrid, Inc., Agile Coach / Scrummaster
2011-05-16 - 2014-05-05, Anaheim, CA, US
Initially hired as the company's first Agile coach, my first project was to coordinate the transformation engagement. I've trained development teams and scrummasters on their responsibilities, and I wrote & led our annual Scrum refresher workshops. As job evolved, I became Scrummaster for multiple teams and formed our internal Agile Center of Excellence to share best-practices amoung other SMs/teams. I've continued to facilitate/lead demos/plannings/retros (as well as other meetings) and provide instruction on Scrum values to all new employees.
Trident University (formerly TUI), Senior Developer / Scrum Master
2009-07-13 - 2011-05-13, Cypress, California (CA), US
Introduced Scrum / Agile processes and methodologies to manage and monitor all development activities, including integration architecture, release planning and DevOps duties (eg. server administration) - Led teams of developers in utilizing Scrum methods (standups, sprints, burndown, etc.). - Architected and built applications to approve and disburse federal Financial Aid payments, manage email campaigns, route and store eFiles, and track school-wide Helpdesk tickets.