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Benjamin Cooke



Location: London


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

Agile Coaching Exchange (ACE)


An experienced ScrumMaster and agile coach with a passion for combining technology and growing self-organising, effective teams. I combine strong principles with a wealth of real world experience from a variety of different software delivery teams and environments. To help my teams and colleagues reach their full potential I use a variety of methods and techniques.

Like many, I started my agile journey as a software engineer when the company I was working for was looking for a better way to deliver software and empower their teams to be more involved along the way. Scrum started to work really well for us and I started to cover ScrumMaster duties alongside development. In 2012 I was made a full time ScrumMaster as the company made a further, significant investment in agile transformation.

Today I work for ITV, the UK’s longest running independent television network and one of the largest independent content producers in the USA. While the department uses Scrum and Kanban depending on the team’s needs we recognise that the inspect and adapt cycle prescribed in Scrum (daily stand ups, regular reviews and retrospectives) is a valuable foundation to underpin a successful team’s process.

I am an active member of the Agile Community and co-organise the Scrum Alliance endorsed meet-up group ACE / Agile Coaching Exchange (@AgileEx) in London. At this monthly event we present a diverse programme of workshops and speakers of interest to those looking to help their teams and improve their world of work. 

Work experience

Ideal Cadence Limited, Director / Agile Coach
February 2015 - Present, , GB
Providing Agile Coaching, training and ScrumMastery to clients in the UK.

ITV, ScrumMaster
July 2013 - February 2015, London, London, GB
* Currently ScrumMaster for ITVPlayer site team, rebuilding Video on Demand (VoD) website for the company’s 6 free to air channels along with maintenance of existing site. * Initially ScrumMaster on Players & Platforms team delivering media player for simulcast and Video On Demand on dot com and connected TV platforms. Helping the team to grow and maintain their own process. * Wrote and regularly deliver internal "Agile 101" training to areas of the business outside IT. * Ad hoc coaching in various areas of the business. * Worked with HR to bring a flow management approach to recruitment. * Formed in 1955, ITV is the UK's longest running independent television network as well as one of the largest independent content producers in the UK and USA., ScrumMaster / Development Manager
August 2012 - July 2013, London, GB
• Formed a new Rapid Response Scrum team from scratch. • Responsible for the day to day management of the team and delivery of customer facing functionality, while navigating platform restrictions. • Driven the creation of a team backlog and development of requirements to ensure a steady stream of work for the team. • In addition to key agile ceremonies, I’ve facilitated User Story mapping sessions, helping the team and Product Owner to work together to divide large problems into smaller vertically sliced Product Backlog items. • Proactive reporting of team progress to stakeholders around the business, highlighting any changes, issues or risks to delivery expectations. • Situational coaching of Product Owner as needed to help manage expectations and understanding of technical subjects as well as encourage ownership of Product Backlog. • Successful delivery and end to end management of customer-facing functionality, including trending products, recently viewed products control and implementing Fit Visualiser tool. • Co-organise a regular industry-wide agile coaching exchange to allow cross-pollination of skills. • Ability to use different communication styles, depending on the need, with various stakeholders, including conflict resolution. • Creativity and vision to see the bigger picture at ASOS, understanding the long-term business strategy and inspiring these qualities in others. • Following Lean principles co-developed a Waste Management strategy, highlighting common causes of waste across teams to encourage change and process improvement across the company., Associate Software Engineer
August 2008 - August 2012, London, London, GB
• Software Engineer position with increasing combined ScrumMaster responsibility on top of engineering duties helping to coach the team via facilitating key ceremonies. • Experienced in Product Backlog grooming and developing requirements with Product Owners from different areas of the business. • Regularly took on a Servant Leader style role, facilitating planning sessions, providing technical advice for sizing but stepping back enough to allow the team to make informed decisions. Using open ended and thought provoking questions I was able to bring the team together to come to solutions. • Studied Scrum outside of work to further improve my knowledge and the quality of our team output. • Been a key part of various groups and initiatives to increase the quality of our software through improving team morale and technical abilities. • Passionate about creatively motivating the team and fostering a strong rapport. • Worked on development of a variety of customer facing and back office applications in C#, VB.Net using Scrum framework. • Strong client side skills, promotion of client side optimisation concepts, JavaScript standards and AJAX. • Research and development including Windows Azure Diagnostics, JsLint as part of build process, Chrome browser extensions, Search, Service Bus, Test Automation using WatiN.


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