Path to Becoming a Certified Scrum Professional (CSP)

Scrum Alliance promotes a strong educational foundation in Scrum and agile practices. The path to becoming a Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Professional is intentionally rigorous, and involves the completion of several courses. Scrum Alliance offers a path to CSP in our ScrumMaster, Product Owner and Developer Certifications.

The Benefits
  • The path to CSP is a one-of-a-kind educational track that provides Advanced, role-specific education in Scrum and agile
  • Scrum Alliance offers advanced-level certification courses that raise the educational bar. These courses offer advanced Scrum and agile knowledge and certifications, continuing agile professional development and unmatched rigor with enhanced name-recognition from Scrum Alliance
  • When someone is moving to advanced and CSP levels, those classes go well beyond foundational levels. Depending on a person's goals It's possible for certificants to spend their entire career at any of the advanced levels
  • The three CSP training tracks help our members develop strong Scrum and agile expertise and lay the groundwork to earn our guide-level certifications (Coach and Trainer)
  • These world-class programs address real work challenges and offer practical solutions to practitioners
  • The Scrum Alliance CSP programs are the most robust advanced training programs in the Scrum and agile realm, ensuring that you advance your understanding, knowledge, and practice of Scrum and agile principles

CSP Tracks
Scrum Alliance offers the following three tracks to become a Certified Scrum Professional. 
  1. ScrumMaster Track:  CSM → A-CSM → CSP-SM
  2. Scrum Product Owner Track:  CSPO → A-CSPO → CSP-PO
  3. Scrum Developer Track:  CSD → CSP*

*Note that the CSP-D track has different requirements than the other two tracks.

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