Why Choose a Scrum Alliance Certification?

Key Benefits of an Active Scrum Alliance Certification

At Scrum Alliance, we understand the barriers you face while practicing Scrum and agile in your workplace. Earning your Scrum Alliance certification is an essential step in your agile journey. Maintaining an active certification provides exclusive benefits that help you thrive.


Renewing my Scrum Alliance Credentials each year has never been a question. I stay with Scrum Alliance because the benefits and support are more than worth it and I like the nonprofit and community character at Scrum Alliance. Today, I'm on my way to becoming a Certified Scrum Trainer.
-Jan N.

Personal Improvement Tool

The Personal Improvement (PI) Tool is an exclusive benefit to all active Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMasters (CSMs) and Certified Scrum Product Owners (CSPOs). The PI tool is designed by Comparative Agility and members of the global agile community. Using the PI Tool, CSMs and CSPOs take assessments to evaluate their strengths and performance in key areas. They then receive personalized resource recommendations for personal improvement and monitor progress as they grow in their craft and work through a backlog of educational resources. Learn more about these tools now:

ScrumMaster PI Tool   Product Owner PI Tool



Industry-Leading Coaches and Trainers

Scrum Alliance values impactful education, lifelong learning, and professional growth. We hold the Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST) and Certified Agile Coach certification and journey in the highest regard. Scrum Alliance’s Coaches and Trainers demonstrate excellence in experience and training with deep, practical real-world Scrum and agile knowledge. You can apply the knowledge and training gained from these professionals to your teams and organizations. With continued access to Coaches and Trainers through the Ask an Expert tool, offered exclusively to certified Scrum Alliance ScrumMasters and Product Owners, professional insight and guidance is readily available.

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Comparative Agility Assessment Platform

Comparative Agility is an agility assessment platform offered for free to all Active Scrum Alliance Certificants. Foundational and Advanced certificants can access the Premium Subscription Plan which is a $299 yearly value. Certified Scrum Professionals and above receive the Business Subscription Plan, a $699 annual value. The assessments focus on improving agile processes and agile team development. The system provides surveys that help identify how teams and programs are doing across a range of Scrum and agile competencies. Users take regular surveys to benchmark performance, compare with other organizations in their industry, gain insights about improvements, and learn where to take actions to improve.

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Learning tracks include ScrumMaster, Product Owner, and Developer Certifications, as well as Foundational, Advanced, and Professional-level Certifications, and more!

Scrum Alliance is one of the largest and most recognized Scrum Certification organizations in the world. When you take a Scrum Alliance certification course or when you renew your certification, you'll be an active member of a Scrum Alliance community that's made up of more than one million certificants. Rest assured that your training is based on leading Scrum educational standards. Employers recognize the benefits of a Scrum Alliance Certification, and that leads to more career opportunities and the potential for a higher salary. Keep in mind that earning an Advanced Scrum Alliance Certifications also renews all current certifications.

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Nonprofit Contributions to the Scrum and Agile Community 

The Scrum Alliance experience is rooted in the organization’s nonprofit status. From the beginning, Scrum Alliance has supported members and non-members alike to pursue, promote and practice Scrum and agile methodologies. Since becoming an accredited nonprofit organization in 2006, Scrum Alliance has funded over four million dollars worth of grassroots community programs and user groups throughout the world. Join the Scrum Alliance community today to experience the benefits of our user groups, volunteer opportunities, and more!

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Join the largest network of agilists in the world

Our community is transforming the world of work to create joyful, prosperous and sustainable workplaces. Scrum Alliance offers the highest quality education and certification curriculum in the Scrum and agile space. We're here to support you on your agile journey.

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