Yaser Marey


Scrum Master, DataServe and Turnkey Solutions

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Certified ScrumMaster

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Yaser Marey commented on the article, "Public Bid Fixed-Price Contracts and Agile"

Yaser Marey commented on the article, "Public Bid Fixed-Price Contracts and Agile"

Yaser Marey commented on the article, "Public Bid Fixed-Price Contracts and Agile"


Yaser is a veteran software engineer and a project manager with 14 years of hands-on experience in enterprise software systems development working for reputable national and international companies.Yaser is a requirements engineering expert, worked as a senior systems analyst, he is also enthusiastic about Agile project management.Yasser is holds a number of MCTS Certificates and well versed in Java. He is PMP, Scrum Master and Six Sigma certified.Yaser is highly motivated and energetic individual yet self-organized and a team player, he has translated Scrum Guide to Arabic, he writes regularly about different project management and software architecture topics in his blog yasseronline.wordpress.com.

Work experience

DataServe and Turnkey Solutions, Scrum Master
January 2012 - Present, Riyadh, Central, Saudi Arabia
>As a scrum master with DataServe, I lead projects’ teams to delivering incrementally and iteratively, engaging the customer in the production process and applying practices such as continues integration, code refactoring, pair programming, deliverables inspection and review. Some of the projects I am involved in are: 1- Project Name: e-Correspondence Management System “Moamalat” for Diwan Al-Mazalem, Saudi Arabia.Role: Scrum MasterA major account for my employer, the system is applied in a total of 14 courts in addition to Diwan Al-Mazalem Head Quarter. The customer was satisfied because we delivered a ready to use release of the product in only 6 months which met the deadline requirement of the customer.The project team was rewarded by DataServe general manager recognizing the achievement made in the project. 2- Project Name: Interactive Bill “iBill” for "Mobily", Saudi Arabia.Role: Scrum Master and Technical Architect A unique project in DataServe portfolio where I led the project to successfully implement one of the first Interactive Statements to be provided by a telecom company in Saudi Arabia.To achieve maximum code quality we applied pair programming, we also used white board as information radiator about project progress. We delivered the product on three incremental releases.The project team was rewarded by Mobily recognizing the team dedication, technical excellence and overall achievement.  Please check http://www.mobily.com.sa/ibill Project Name: Project Management Practice Improvement for DataServe, Saudi Arabia.Role: Leader and TrainerI am leading an initiative to introduce and institutionalize Agile practices into DataServe Project Management environment.I conducted a number of workshops and presentations for management, PMO and technical

Advanced Systems and Technologies, Agile Projects Leader
January 2009 - December 2012, Riyadh, Central, Saudi Arabia
As an agile projects leader with AST, I employed a methodology that depends on collocated team, collaboration with the customer and delivering the project features through a series of iteration that allows a regular check and feedback points through the project life.I also, coached team members while using agile methods utilizing user stories and ideal hours to estimate the relative sizes of the project activities.

Articles I've written

Public Bid Fixed-Price Contracts and Agile
In public bids, you need to commit to fixed time, scope, and cost. This commitment, at its best at this stage, is a mere guess! A guess that wouldn’t stand long as change floods the project once it starts. . . .