Scrum Alliance® Registered Education Provider (REP)

About Scrum Alliance® REPs

Scrum Alliance Registered Education Providers (REPs) deliver both Continuing Education and Certified Scrum Developer® (CSD®) courses.

If you are interested in teaching Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM®) or Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO®) courses, you must first be approved through the Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST®) program.


Continuing Education courses are designed to enhance the skills of Agile practitioners by providing additional professional development opportunities that complement the Scrum framework. The REP program is also a means for achieving Scrum Education Units® (SEUs), which can be applied toward the renewal of elevated certifications.

Professional development encourages community involvement, professional engagement, networking, new skill acquisition, quality assurance, and validation. The intent of Continuing Education is to strengthen our programs, our community, and our credentials through a measurable, purposeful, and streamlined process. These programs are a vehicle to add educational rigor to our industry, add credibility to our certifications, as well as provide community engagement opportunities to stay abreast of Agile trends and practices around the globe. 


REPs who offer Certified Scrum Developer® (CSD®) courses are empowering developers and other technical-minded team members with powerful Agile skills.


Scrum Alliance REP® organizations are evaluated on a regular basis to ensure the highest-quality instructors and courses. All courses offered by REPs have been screened and verified by Scrum Alliance to ensure that the material is consistent with Scrum and Agile principles. Scrum Alliance REP instructors must demonstrate an ability to convey their expertise through courses that contain topics and skills pertinent to Agile practitioners.