You just completed the two-day CSM® course.
Now become certified by Scrum Alliance®.

1. Log into your Scrum Alliance account.

Your instructor will send us your information. When we receive it, we’ll send you a welcome email with instructions for logging in to your Scrum Alliance account and accessing the CSM test site.

2. Pass the CSM test.

You will become a Certified ScrumMaster once you pass the CSM test. After you receive your welcome email, you have two opportunities within 90 days to pass the test at no cost. After up to two attempts within 90 days, there’s a $25 charge for each additional attempt.

The questions on the CSM test are based on the CSM Content Outline Learning Objectives established for this course. You may also want to refer to the Scrum Guide, not only for the test but also as you apply Scrum every day.

You must answer 37 of the 50 multiple choice questions correctly to pass. The test has a time limit of 60 minutes. You may skip, go back, and bookmark questions to review later. If you have any unanswered questions, you’ll see a warning message when you click “submit.” Once you submit your answers, your test results will immediately appear on your screen.

3. Complete your Scrum Alliance online profile.

After you pass the test, go back to your Scrum Alliance profile and accept the License Agreement. While there, complete your contact information, print your certificate, and complete your public profile. You can privately access your test details through a link on your dashboard.

Keep your Scrum Alliance profile public or make it private. To manage your profile settings, log in to your account, and click on “Dashboard” at the top right corner of the screen. Then click on “Edit Profile” and select the settings that best suit you. Your certification is valid for two years.


4. Get involved.

We’re committed to providing you ACE – Advocacy, Community, and Education – throughout your Scrum journey. And that works best when you’re involved. Explore the Scrum Alliance site. Become active in our online community. Sign up for a local user group. Register for the next Global Scrum Gathering®. With Scrum Alliance, you have many resources, groups, and colleagues to help you succeed using Scrum; take advantage of them!

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