Certified Team CoachSM (CTCSM)

If you’re reading this, it means you’re ready to head on your journey towards becoming a CTC. Congratulations! Our goal is to bring more Certified Agile Coaches into the world, which is why we’re here to share information so you’re better prepared to become a successful candidate

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There are three documents to review: the CTC RequirementsSummary of Expectations, and Application Instructions.
The CTC Requirements help you make an informed decision as to whether you are ready to apply. Meeting these requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the CTC program, but they definitely help. Keep this list as a reference.
The Summary of Expectations is not only a guide, it helps you reflect on the aspects of becoming a successful candidate. There are tasks to accomplish, and there are also soft skills to ponder.
The  Application Instructions document gives you a detailed overview of the application process, tips and suggestions from the Review Team, and definitions.
Next, review the SAMPLE CTC Application Part I and the SAMPLE CTC Application Part II. Be sure to understand the depth and breadth of the information that is requested.


If you feel you meet the qualifications and are ready to apply, click below to start an application!



One of our most helpful requirements is your pre-application call with a member of the CTC Review Team. Your chosen Review Team member will evaluate your readiness to apply for the CTC application and give you valuable feedback. This conversation is required prior to your application being reviewed the first time or if you are re-applying. You may be asked to do a short coaching session with the reviewer and practice your coaching in real time. We advise that you hold a Certified Scrum Professional® (CSP®) certification before scheduling this call.


Part I of the application process gives you a chance to introduce yourself as a coach. It is an evaluation of the prerequisites required to become a Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Coach. Part I is the same for both CTC and CEC. This includes being an active CSP®; team and organization coaching experience; agile community participation; coaching education and mentorship; and coaching tools, techniques, and approaches. Evidence of each prerequisite is required for qualification.

Part I will be reviewed by one member of the CTC Review team. Once you submit it, the Review Team will assess Part I of your application within one week. If the Review Team feels the need for more development before proceeding to Part II, your application may be placed on hold with identified gaps and suggestions on how to address those gaps before continuing. Part I must be approved before you can continue to Part II.


Part II of the CTC Application is a qualitative evaluation of your capability as a multi-team coach as evidenced by your experience and ability to demonstrate proficiency across a set of required competencies. It evaluates your knowledge, mindset, and approach as a coach across diverse experiences.

Along with submitting Part II, you are required to provide three (3) recommendations, two (2) client, project leader, or organization leader recommendations, and one (1) mentor recommendation.

  • Guidelines for mentor recommendations can be found here.
  • Guidelines for client recommendations can be found here.

Part II will be reviewed by two members of the CTC Review Team. Once you submit it, the Review Team will assess Part II of your application within three weeks. If the Review Team identifies that you have not met the bar for Part II, your application may be placed on hold with identified gaps and suggestions on how to address those gaps before re-applying.


Once your application is accepted (and after you celebrate a major accomplishment), you will be required to pay an annual $500 license fee and complete requirements to maintain your active CTC certification. This information will be available on your Scrum Alliance dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about becoming a CTC? Visit the FAQ section for more information and a comparison of the CTC and CEC certifications.


Explore more resources for developing your coaching skills. These resources have been broken out by the knowledge areas found on the CTC application.

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