Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise CoachSM (CEC) 

Overview and Journey

“Achieving a CEC certificate was not the destination. It is the beginning of a beautiful journey for further growth, contributing to the agile community and supporting others who have the same dream.” ~ Savita Pahuja

Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coaches partner at the leadership level to help navigate the ambitious process of becoming an agile organization. Change doesn’t happen overnight; it requires commitment and a shift in perspective. CECs help leadership (and subsequently team members) remove the barriers so the company can embrace the transformation using a customized approach to achieve sustainable agility.What also doesn’t happen overnight is obtaining a CEC. As a candidate, you must demonstrate years of experience as a hands-on organizational change agent working across multiple teams and organizational boundaries using professional coaching frameworks and practices.

Certification Via Coaching Program
If you are currently a CEC, you can recommend someone to attain a CSM® or CSPO® if that person has already been provided 25 hours of in-person, one-on-one, or small group Scrum coaching (eight individuals maximum). The person you recommend will be eligible for (a) a Certified ScrumMaster® certification if the person you recommend passes the CSM exam, and/or (b) a Certified Scrum Product Owner® certification if you, as the CEC, hold a CSPO certification.

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