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Make an impact on individuals, teams, and organizations worldwide by guiding them through agile ways of thinking and working.

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Why become a provider?

Grow your career and guide a wide network of agilists to embody principles that will change the game in their roles and organizations.

Recognition and validation

Get international recognition for your skills and experience by joining the largest global nonprofit provider of scrum certifications.

Community and connection

Plug into a community of agile trainers and coaches who are shaping the future of work for the better.

Growth and giving back

Find opportunities to grow your business, widen your influence, and get involved with Scrum Alliance initiatives and events.

Empower people

Make a difference by guiding individuals, teams, and organizations with your expertise.

Global Reach

Join a global network of agile education providers

This diverse network of agile professionals spans continents and cultures, uniting practitioners who are passionate about transforming the world of work. You'll learn from peers, be challenged to grow, and have a real impact by guiding others through what it means to work with an agile mindset.

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Become a Certified Scrum Trainer

Champion scrum in your role as a Certified Scrum Trainer, inspiring change and advancing agile education worldwide. Your Scrum Alliance trainer certification designates you as a highly vetted, exceptionally qualified, and passionately dedicated agile trainer.

Become a Team Coach

As a Certified Team Coach, you'll coach teams to embody agile principles and practice the scrum framework. CTCs are adept at working across multiple teams. Demonstrate your expertise with a widely recognized coaching certification.

Become an Enterprise Coach

As a Certified Enterprise Coach, you'll support leadership and entire organizations as they learn how to sustain agile transformation. Expand your reach with a globally recognized coaching certification.

Become a Registered Education Ally

Your organization can provide marketing and logistics support for Scrum Alliance-approved education providers. Partner with these providers to sell Scrum Alliance certification courses.

Become a Certified Scrum Alliance Trainer

Align yourself with the Scrum Alliance brand as a Certified Scrum Alliance Trainer. The CSAT unites all non-CST trainers under a single, recognizable badge. Apply to provide training in facilitation, scaling, the scrum developer accountability, and more. With the CSAT designation, you'll be offering some of the most in-demand training with the backing of a globally recognized leader in scrum and agile certifications.

Frequently asked questions

Education providers are those individuals and organizations specifically certified by Scrum Alliance to teach, coach, and train. Examples of Scrum Alliance-approved education providers include Certified Scrum Trainers, Certified Scrum Alliance Trainers, Certified Team Coaches, and Certified Enterprise Coaches.

Your choice should be based on where your passion lies and where you see yourself making the most impact. If you enjoy teaching and facilitating workshops, CST might be the path for you. If you prefer working closely with teams to solve day-to-day challenges in implementing scrum, then CTC could be more suitable. However, if your interest lies in strategic, organizational change and you have experience in this area, then CEC could be the right choice. Also, consider your current experience level and the qualifications required for each path.

Yes, you can hold multiple provider certifications from Scrum Alliance. Many professionals choose to pursue multiple certifications to broaden their expertise and increase their versatility (e.g., a CEC and a CST).

As a provider associated with Scrum Alliance, you gain access to a range of benefits that can enhance your professional standing, knowledge, and networking opportunities. Becoming a provider signifies that you have met rigorous standards and possess a deep understanding and expertise in scrum practices.

You become part of a global network of scrum practitioners, coaches, and trainers, with opportunities for professional development, including webinars, workshops, and conferences. Being listed as a provider on the Scrum Alliance website can increase your visibility and benefit your professional or business growth.

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