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Certified Scrum Product Owner®

Advance your career with high-value product management skills. CSPO® delves into the scrum framework, agile principles, and relentless focus on delivering customer value. Scrum Alliance-certified trainers have exceptional qualifications, including extensive product management experience. A two-year Scrum Alliance professional membership is included with your successful completion of this course.
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    Tue Jun 25 - 26, 2024

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    09:00 EDT

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    8 hours each day

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    Live Online

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Dave Prior

Certified Product Owner Training

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Scrum Alliance—in true Agile fashion—has adapted to the shifting marketplace and is now allowing students who wish to become Certified Scrum Product Owners to participate in an all-new, live online learning environment. So, for the foreseeable future, LeadingAgile has shifted all of our classes to the new live online model.

We’ve put a ton of thought into how we can make these courses as valuable as possible and have come up with some innovative solutions that we think will make your experience just as valuable as if you had taken it in person.

We didn't want to take our existing course and try to cram it into a new format, so we rebuilt the entire CSPO course from the ground up. Also, we know how hard it is to sit in a chair and listen to someone; no matter how interesting they are for 8 hours straight. So, we've broken up the class into a new format in which we take a 10-minute break every hour. This way, we can all get up and stretch our legs, get some refreshments, or text a loved one. In addition to the new format, we've added some brand-new interactive exercises that were designed specifically for remote learning and have created an exercise for each of the major topics covered in class.

Despite all the changes, what hasn’t changed is the fact that our CSPO course still covers all the material you’ll need, and what's required to receive your certification. By the end of the class, you’ll return to your team(s) with a variety of new tools and practices that will amp up your ability to guide them to the delivery of a successful product.

Attendees of the class should expect to leave with a solid understanding of the Scrum Framework, the responsibilities of the Product Owner on a Scrum Team, and the critical skills and practices that are required to serve a high-performing Scrum Team as a Product Owner.

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Use Scrum to Learn Scrum

CSPO training is divided up into four Sprints in order to allow participants to fully immerse themselves in the Scrum framework. The learning modules for the course are listed in a Product Backlog which includes each Learning Objective (LO’s) established by the Scrum Alliance for this class. Throughout the class, students will be reviewing the LO’s and be asked to accept them if they feel that the topic is complete. This is our way of QAing each topic and making sure that the participants know we have met the class Learning Objectives. In addition to this, the class includes many topics and exercises which are not listed in the LO’s but are a big part of making sure that each participant leaves the class with tools and practices they can bring back to work and implement right away. 

Throughout the course participants will get hands-on practice with the role of Product Owner by continually refining the backlog, working on teams to create a new product, and take it through the levels of Agile planning in the same way a Product Owner would. We’ll define product vision, create a Roadmap and Release Plan, work with User Stories, and several different techniques for prioritization. As we work through each stage of the Sprint, the attendees will get practice in fulfilling the responsibilities of the Product Owner. At the completion of each Sprint, the class will inspect and plan to adapt during the Sprint Retrospective. Throughout the entire course, as the Scrum Framework is presented, the instructor will be addressing each topic with practical advice that stems from real-world experience working with Scrum Teams.


Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Procduct Owner Training


LeadingAgile Product Owner Training Includes:


Two-year membership to the Scrum Alliance 


Digital copy of the course materials




What's the refund policy?

If you are not able to attend the class you have registered for please send an email to [email protected].

If you send in your notification at least 14 calendar days prior to the start of the class you are eligible for a full refund or you may reschedule for a future class. Cancellations made 14 calendar days to 5 calendar days prior to the start of the class are eligible to reschedule for a future class or for a 70% refund. If you cancel within five calendar days from the start of a class, or if you do not attend the class, you will not be eligible for a refund or credit.  Cancellation requests should be sent via email to [email protected].



If you have any questions about the course, please feel free to contact us via phone or email. We are always happy to talk to prospective students.

  • Class begins at 9 AM and will run until 5 PM both days
  • Participants will be expected to connect to the class via Zoom with video, which must be active throughout the class
  • Participants are required to be fully engaged in all class activities in order to qualify for certification. Students who miss more than 1 hour of class time will not be eligible for the certification
  • Participants who complete this course qualify for 14 PDUs
  • Registration includes 2-year certification with Scrum Alliance


* Group, military, first responder, student and unemployment discounts are available. For more information contact LeadingAgile Training.


This class covers all required material for Certified Scrum Product Owner Certification as well as some additional Agile topics that are beneficial to the conversation. The focus is on providing the participants with practical tools and techniques they can use in their work as a Product Owner. The primary topics are listed below. Participants will also have the option of adding topics of their own choosing as time allows. This course covers all the content required for Scrum Product Owner Certification as defined by the Scrum Alliance here

Agenda includes (but is not limited to):

  • Fundamentals of the Product Owner Role
  • Working with Stakeholders
  • Product Ownership and Multiple Teams
  • Product Strategy, Roadmaps and Release Planning
  • Understanding Customers and Users
  • Validating Product Assumptions
  • Differentiating Outcome and Output
  • Defining Value
  • Creating and Refining Product Backlog Items
  • Prioritizing Product Backlog Items


This course is ideal for anyone who will be working as a Product Owner, or who is responsible for product delivery on Agile teams. This course is also a great fit for management and senior management in organizations that are adopting Agile. While this course does cover the basics of Scrum, a key difference with LeadingAgile’s Certified Scrum Product Owner course is the deep focus on successful product definition and delivery.

Not sure which class to take? In 6 minutes Dave explains who should be a ScrumMaster and who should be a Product Owner.


4.90 out of 5.0 stars
rating icon showing 4.90 stars. (39 ratings) TrustPilot logo

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