Scrum Alliance courses are the essential first step on your journey to earning an in-demand certification.

Our certified trainers will teach you the principles of the Scrum framework that will most readily apply to your role on the team. Because employers place a high value on our Scrum courses, we make them widely available and convenient to those who wish to advance their careers. Courses are required for initial certifications of CSM, CSPO, and CSD.

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At Scrum Alliance events, you'll meet and interact with people who share your passion for stretching, exploring — and living — project management brilliance every day

Scrum Alliance believes the best lessons come from experts who have successfully implemented Scrum on real projects. That’s why we’ve created a range of Scrum events that bring the community together to inspire and empower our members. 

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Scrum Alliance Event Types

Global Scrum Gatherings
Scrum Alliance Gatherings offer practitioners worldwide the opportunity to come together to share their passion and knowledge about Scrum and Agile practices.

Regional Scrum Gatherings
At these in-person events, lasting for two to three days, you'll meet like-minded Scrum practitioners, trainers, coaches, and enthusiasts. You'll also hear amazing keynote speakers, participate in open space sessions, and deepen your Scrum knowledge. These events are sponsored by Scrum Alliance.

More sponsored events
Scrum Alliance sponsors a range of events, from workshops to conferences. These events are about Agile, Scrum, and more!  

User Group events
Attending a Scrum User Group event is an ideal way to become engaged in the community. There are already more than 225 Scrum User Groups around the globe, so you can meet others who are practicing Scrum and have meaningful conversations — without even leaving town.

Scrum Coaching Retreats
Scrum Coaching Retreats provide any current or aspiring Agile coaches the opportunity to engage purposefully with their peers, dive deeply into their practices, enhance their skills, and broaden their perspectives to better serve their client organizations. The word "retreat" was specifically chosen to represent a time away for deep connection, learning, and growth.