Yuriy Koziy
Agile Coach at ScrumGuides.
Kyiv, Ukraine


I started my IT career in 2004, being a 4th year Computer Sciences student. It was an entry-level position in a software outsourcing consultancy in Lviv Ukraine. As I got my Master degree (Lviv National Polytechnic University), I moved to Kyiv, Ukraine to join EPAM - one of the world’s top software development service providers, who have just started their presence in Ukraine.

Frankly, back in those days, I was more focused on my music career which has been developed in parallel. So my IT career path was pretty flat. Until the day I realized that to be successful in any area, one must focus and relentlessly work towards the target.

So I decided to focus on leadership career in IT, and after 5+ years with EPAM (just before they went public [irony]), I got my first leadership job in GlobalLogic Ukraine. Then it’s been a very productive period of ~5 years in a great company, which resulted in winning the Best Project Manager award (Ukrainian IT Awards), and running a successful portfolio of 4 product teams (70-ppl-strong).

My next passion was Agile coaching and business/process/leadership consulting. As a coach and partner at ScrumGuides, I help companies, teams, and individuals, evolve to the next level. Be it Agile transformation, strategic session, team training, or a product camp - I find it very beneficial for me and the client. Seeing immediate initial results and leading my clients through periods of uncertainty is why I chose consulting path.

Professional certifications: CSM, CSPO, CSP, CAL, Professional Trainer and Coach

Key areas:

  • Providing education and training
  • Coaching leaders and teams
  • Running organizational transformations
  • Establishing organizational empathy