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William L. Hiscox



Certified Scrum Developer



I am focused on the timely release and delivery of high quality software products and thoroughly grounded in the full software development lifecycle. I enjoy self-organized teams of developers and tackle all aspects of product development. I find meeting and working with customers especially rewarding. The goals I set for myself are outside my comfort zone. This leads to continuous improvement, new knowledge and skills, and the ability to apply them to the development process. I have been in the software development business for 15+ years, currently focused on Java and Java web applications on embedded devices used for remote sensing.

Work experience

Vaisala, Software Architect Embedded Systems
March 2002 - Present, Tucson, AZ, United States
Working with other Architects as part of a company-wide Service Oriented Architecture, designed, planned and began implementation of a Java OSGi based, SOA enabled, Linux embedded software platform in support of automated weather station and road sensor applications. The platform is modeled on the field of telematics and in-vehicle consoles. It presents a high level of abstraction to the physical world and is designed to integrate a wide range of physical devices


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