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Tarah Wheeler
Principal Security Advisor at Red Queen Technologies.
Seattle, Washington


Tarah Wheeler (MS, CSM, CSD, CISSP) is an information security researcher, author, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, nonprofit founder, scientist, and poker player. She is currently Cybersecurity Fellow at New America and Principal Security Advisor at Red Queen Technologies. She is the lead author of the best-selling Women In Tech: Take Your Career to The Next Level With Practical Advice And Inspiring Stories. She has been Senior Director of Engineering and Principal Security Advocate at Symantec Website Security. She founded and now sits on the board of Fizzmint, an end-to-end secure HR management company. She has led projects at Microsoft Game Studios (Halo and Lips) and architected systems at encrypted mobile communications firm Silent Circle. She founded the Red Queen Group, including Red Queen Technologies and Red Queen Security, Infosec Unlocked (initiative to add diversity in infosec conference speakers), and Hack The People Foundation (nonprofit mentorship initiative focused on underprivileged people in technology). Reach her at @tarah.

Work Experience

Red Queen Technologies, Principal Security Advisor
2002-03-31 - Present, Seattle, Washington, US
· Advised on security requirements for multiple crowdfunding campaigns. · Provided remote and virtual Security Operations Center services to SMBs · Incident response · Data breach investigation and reporting · Acting as expert technical advisor to small and medium businesses experiencing rapid growth in their infrastructural security and cloud requirements with Scrum team setup · Incident response simulation and training scenarios for non-technical executives · Premiered new research methodology for the analysis of GIS [geographical information systems] data · Designed and executed multiple infrastructure and network penetration tests and advised on physical penetration tests for utilities · Developed multiple websites, including small personal sites, shopping cart enabled commercial sites, and multiple enterprise-level web applications · Implemented cloud networks with multiple OS and hard and soft components · Wrote multiple deployable applications in Java to manage and analyze massive databases of social and technical information · Created agent-based models of human behavior and interaction in Java and VB for social media marketing clients