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Takahito Tomimoto


Location: Suwanee, GA


Certified ScrumMaster



Takahito (Taka) Torimoto

My life revolves around attempts at "continuous improvement" and a never-ending belief that there is almost always a better way to do anything. I prefer being given opportunities to learn or challenges to improve something. I believe in long-term planning with an emphasis on “avoiding more work later"; I utilize technologies for better process management, automating or eliminating repetitive/mundane tasks, thereby minimizing mistakes, saving time, and lowering costs.

I value knowledge, modesty, self-sufficiency, honesty, respect for everyone, and not doing actions based on recognition/validation from others. I prefer surrounding myself with smarter people who are comfortable sharing their knowledge, but equally enjoy helping/teaching others. I believe that the ultimate goal of every action should be to learn/grow for the next challenge, whether or not the initial result is satisfactory.



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