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Tarang Patel
San Jose, CA


An Agile Trainer and Coach - really a leader of change and an agent of the possible - leveling the Knowing-Doing gap!


... my credo ROA (Respect, Ownership and Accountability) - helping cross-functional distributed teams to deliver successful projects. Along the way helping teams to become high performing, self organizing and sustaining engines for delivering purposeful projects. 

Work Experience

Adobe Systems, Agile Leader & Coach
2011-06-06 - Present, San Jose, CA, United States

Coaching Leadership and Team development through Agile training and 1-1 coaching. Focused on Enterprise Transformation by actively delivering a range of Agile practices and coaching techniques designed to pragmatically and sustainably mature the adoption of agile methods to the value of the organization.

Coaching management and software product development teams in creating an eco-system that promotes sustainable rhythms of teamwork. Leading transformation of groups with many teams to high performing agile work groups focused on agile practices and higher order of collaborations through intentionality in desired outcomes, Scrum Master/Program Manager
2006-07-24 - 2009-05-31, San Francisco, CA, United States
I was the Scrum Master on three product teams and the program manager for technology operations managing key infrastructure capabilities with a team of 7 ~ 40 engineers.