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Takahiro Kaihara
Manager , ScrumMaster


Takahiro Kaihara has 15 years of experience in the software industry, and now he is a manager of the development teams.In 15 years, he experienced several times of "Death March", began to hate the "Death March" sincerely.

A life-changing event happened in 2007: Scrum. He was excited to explore this new way of working.Then he decided to apply the Scrum for growth and continuous learning of his team.

For adapting Agile/Scrum to organization, and performs the following. 

- Doing the organizational reform.
- Doing the support of the development team as a coach.

As ScrumMaster, to also be responsible for the project, he is going to help so that other Scrum team can grow.

He worked for 3 years as a ScrumMaster and ProductOwner where he also coached teams to implement and improve Scrum in projects.

In addition, for the IT department managers and developers in-house and group companies, and has been held to introduce and workshops of Agile / Scrum.

In Japan The Kansai region, belong to "Tao of Scrum Kansai" the scrum of community. Then, open the study sessions and workshops for the general public of the scrum, he has been working to increase the number of practitioners of Scrum.

Currently, a combination of "Learning Organization" and Scrum, is working with the ScrumMasters a stronger team building.