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Terry Floyd


Senior Engagement Manager / Agile Coach, JS Walker & Company, Inc

Location: Winston Salem, NC


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster


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I would describe myself as an enthusiastic, pragmatic, high energy team member that loves to come alongside a team or a group of teams to help them achieve their goals. As an Agile coach I have worked with many teams (internal and external) with many personalities and challenges. My primary desire is to help others grow (across the business) while learning how to improve from the experience. When I am working with a client. I don't just deliver software, I help them transform their business from the inside out. My primary strength is my ability to think quickly on my feet and develop pragmatic solutions to complex problems (maximizing the Agile framework). My experience working with Agile since 2008 has helped me develop many techniques to overcome the unique challenges of my clients. My 9+ years as a consultant has put me in many industries with different challenges in which I needed to adapt to succeed. I am of the opinion that no challenge is impossible as long as a team of like-minded individuals can come together with humility and learn to work together.

Work experience

JS Walker and Company, Scrum Master / Project Manager
May 2007 - Present, Winston Salem, NC

As Project Manager/Scrum master my responsibilities are to help ensure that our clients' businesses achieve maximum success by doing the following:
• Driving the changes to internal agile process for faster and cheaper delivery 
• Understanding the business needs of our clients 
• Managing timeline, budget, and scope for a successful outcome
• Insuring success by supporting our clients through the entire application life cycle
• Supporting the team in planning, building, and verification phases of the process
• Removing impediments and taking deeper dives to uncover hidden impediments early in the process 

Articles I've written

Walk Your Agile Pets!
In my experience, certain factors can slow teams down or even stop them in their tracks. But if we "walk our pets" in Agile, we can avoid some of these problems.


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