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Silke von der Bruck



Certified Scrum Product Owner


Silke von der Bruck works as a Business Analyst at Accenture Germany. She was born in the GDR and later grew up near Cologne in the western part of Germany. After school she went back to East Germany where she attended University of Leipzig. After receiving her diploma in mathematics she started working for Accenture with clients in the Public Service area.

After working in waterfall methodologies for a few years Silke first encountered Agile in a new team that started working agile in order to handle the fast changing requirements it was facing. Getting to know agile methodologies and understanding the true value of abandoning detailed plans and work protocols was eye-opening for her. Her team mates were synchronizing a lot and thus avoided building the wrong thing early on.

Silke then became part of the transition team that with the help of an Agile Coach tried to figure out how to turn this still chaotic team into a team working effectively using Scrum. Silke also became Product Owner for this team and learned how to do Requirements Engineering in agile surroundings. It was more exhausting because developers would ask critical questions especially as to why a certain feature should be built. Many sometimes heated discussions happened then but the result was always a better understanding of where the product should go.

Working agile has becomes Silke's passion because in agile all energy is directed into what creates real value instead of just updating plans. Silke likes working in close contact with highly motivated people who will question her whenever necessary to achieve the best possible result.

Today Silke mostly works as consultant for clients who want to develop their prodcuts in an agile way.

Work experience

Public Service Provider, Business Analyst
July 2015 - December 2016, , DE
Business Analyst and Scrum expert for a newly formed team. I supported the Product Owner in creating and maintaining the backlog. Additionally I helped the team get to know Scrum and the motivation behind it.

Parental Leave,
July 2014 - July 2015, , DE
Learning to adapt to a completely new and different role. Raising a child has many similarities with developing agile teams as it both requires lots of empathy and patience :-).

Public Service Provider, Product Owner
October 2011 - November 2013, , DE
Product Owner for the technical architecture team consisting of 3 feature teams. I was part of the transition team that helped the team transform from waterfall to Scrum. At the same time I had the Product Owner role to help develop the product further.


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