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Syedur Rahman


Lead Software Engineer, The Jaxara IT LTD.

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified Scrum Developer
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Syedur Rahman is a Software Architect from Dhaka, Bangladesh. My specialization includes DevOps, Build management, Web application development (Asp.Net, Java, and PHP), Mobile application development, Open source projects, E-commerce and custom application development. I am a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). I have more than 12 years of experience in programming. I have participated in lot of national and international programming contests in between years 2003-2007.

I have been following Agile philosophy and principles for last 8 years. I played one of the key roles to introduce Scrum in my current company few years ago. Since then I have worked both as Scrum Team Member and as Scrum Master in my organization. As i am one of the two ScrumAlliance certified Scrum Professionals, Scrum Masters, Scrum Developers and Scrum Product Owners of my current organization, i am also responsible for conducting multiple Scrum training and workshops over there.

I am also providing free Scrum training to other organizations and also conducting personal workshops in order to introduce and promote Scrum in the software industry of Bangladesh. I have recently worked along with ScrumAlliance and Asian Agile Forum in order to co-organize a first ever Agile Conference in Bangladesh.

Work experience

The Jaxara IT LTD., Lead Software Engineer
January 2008 - Present, Dhaka, Dhaka
The Jaxara IT LTD. situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh is an offshore company of Pantheon which is situated in Arlington, Virginia, USA. Here in Jaxara, we develop software in Asp.Net, Java, PHP and Mobile technology for different clients. Based on customer needs we provide customized solutions on Healthcare, Entertainment, Media, Education and many others with our long-term commitment to support client goals. In Jaxara we are following Agile methodology for last 8 years. We have started using Scrum in Jaxara for over three years now. During this time period i have worked both as Scrum Team Member and Scrum Master. My current job responsibility in Jaxara is to architect, design and develop an in house product with a team of around 25+ members in Asp.Net and Java as a Scrum Team Member. I am the only one DevOps specialist in Jaxara now. We are working on a single product with 3 scrum teams right now.


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