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Stefan Olli


Senior Business Architect, Cerion Solutions Oy

Location: Bennäs, Finland


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified Scrum Product Owner


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Stefan Olli has always been the analyzing type. Always thinking, wanting to know how things works and should work optimally. My university studies in Artifical Intelligence combined with Information Technology made me even more strong in the way of working.

My IT systems career started with a big ERP implementation project for a steel manufacturing company. Already then I noticed the need and my interest in always discussing detailed functionality to be with the end users and business people. After several post projects adding value by integrating and automating routines of also other than ERP systems I moved to a consulting company with own software products for manufacturing industry.

Before even knowing Scrum, I wanted to work putting effort on maximizing value over following plans and bureaucracy of IT system development. Getting my team as productive as possible without loosing quality by automatic nightly deployments and tests coverage of up to 90% was a must for me!

Getting a first educational talk on Scum I realized I had actually been working within parts of the framework without knowing it. I continued adopting more and more of the Scrum principles into the products I was responsible for.

I started as a Scrum Master in a development program, where I am still today as a consulting BA and coaching for the Product Owner and Scrum team in the customer organization.

Taking the Scrum Product Owner Certification and participating in Scrum Events learned me more techniques and hints tried out successfully increasing velocity of the team without loosing quality.

My very special business area for IT systems is the sales and supply chains of big companies where much information should be refined and mapped without adding system maintenance amounts.


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