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Simon Marcus


Chief Operating Officer, The Library Corporation

Location: Brooklyn, NY


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Simon Marcus has more than a decade of experience in a mix of software and brick-and-mortar operations. As COO at the Library Corporation, Simon has been co-sponsor,  with TLC's CTO, Jabe Bloom, of TLC's Scrum Practice. TLC began practicing Scrum in early 2007. Today, all development at TLC is done within the Scrum model, and TLC does its best to follow Scrum by the book. TLC currently has an average of 6-8 teams sprinting at any given time. Most releases are done in 3 month increments, no release may take longer than 5 months.

Simon is a certified ScrumMaster and will be attend Product Owner training in the winter of 2009. Simon is always interested in talking about Scrum adoption and practice, and is particularly interested in talking to other senior level staff who find themselves in the role of sponsor, advocate or champion of Scrum within their organizations.


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