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Sam Lipson


Agile Coach, agile42

Location: North America



Sam was looking for a challenge in college, so he majored in Computer Engineering. This is where hardware and software meet. Circuits and firmware made for an interesting undergraduate education. After many years in firmware, drivers, operating systems and networking he was "promoted" to project manager. He was a successful Waterfall project manager for many years, and learned that big-bang approaches might not deliver the exact flash of light hoped for (but you are nearly guaranteed that matter will expand). He's been practicing Agile techniques for many years, and ultimately went from dabbling to Agile Leader/ScrumMaster to Agile coach. These days his practice centers on helping teams to reach higher levels of Agile performance, whether local, distributed or outsourced.  He has helped ERP teams "knock it out of the park" with Agile Delivery. In the Spring 2016, he joined agile42, which is "the answer to life, the universe and everything (Agile)".


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